Character Details - ~Hezlar Khor

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Hezlar's Theme

Rank: King of the Inligh Changelings, Messenger of Fate Height: 6'5
Weight: 400
Eyes: Liquid Gold
Hair: Ebony with silver streaks at temples.


King of Inligh.... Messenger of Fate... God in Chains.... He is the first of his kind, the source, created by the Fates at the beginning of time to be their servant. He is anything he chooses to be.. He is a God. For time immemorial he has watched over his kind, and watched over mortals and immortals alike. He has shown his children the path they must take, but like any Father he must sit back and let Ranara and Chezlar make their own mistakes. And love? It has come his way every once in awhile, yet since the death of Chezlar's mother he had taken no other mate. For 4.5 billion years he had taken a solitary existence, until now...
Hezlar's lifemate, Shanna Khor. She is much younger than he, but love cannot be denied. After the near destruction of Alexia, Hezlar took her as his eternal mate. Shanna is first in his life, forever on his mind.

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