Character Details - ~Rose Keep

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Rose's Theme

Clan: Gangrel
Rank: Gangrel Queen
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Height: 5'8
Forms: Black Panther


Rose was once a denizen of Terra, a young human girl in love with a man named Darian Keep. Her life fell apart the night she found him dying, attacked by a beastly creature whom Rose swore she would see dead. She tracked him, only to find that Darian had not truly died, but instead... had become Vampyre. He betrayed her, giving Rose up to his sire, Rauldac Sagan.
Seduced, forced into the embrace from which bloomed the Dark Rose. Yet something human clung within the shell without a soul, a thread of light and love that captured the heart of her Sire. She became his favoured, his Queen, held above all others.
He is Sire, Lover, and Master. All these things and more. Rose did not begin her undead life willingly, but over time she grew to love him. Jealously posessive, she will allow no other in the Master's heart. To him she is loyal, obedient and deliciously proud to know that she is the only one ever to kindle warmth in the Gangrel Primogen's icy heart.
During the battle that nearly destroyed Alexia, her heart was torn from her chest by Catharz Khor and she was left for dead. It was a long forgotten life, a forgotten love that saved her current incarnation. Nichola Knight...
A Toreador, but more than that, a love forgotten. A past life unremembered by Rose, but a living memory for Nichola. It is he who forces her to live after the death of Rauldac, his passion that drags the Gangrel from despair at first to rage, and then to... something she doesn't quite recognize anymore.

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