Character Details - ~Ranara Khor

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Ranara's Theme

Rank: Princess of Inligh, Messenger of Fate
Height: 6'
Weight: unknown
Eyes: Liquid Gold
Hair: Chestnut with red highlights


She the daughter of Hezlar Khor, the King of Inligh, and the elder sister of Chezlar Khor, Crown Prince of their people. Like them she serves the Fates, as Messenger, Angel and Assassin.
Her first mate was a Changeling, and they had a son named Ranak. Her mate was killed by the Fates for refusing to do their bidding, and their son was sent into exile. She had been alone for a millenia, watching time pass, moving on...
A chance meeting at CliffHouse brought love back into her life, though it was a forbidden path....

A chance meeting leads to forbidden love. A servant of light, a hired hand of the dark. Like her brother, Ranara falls hopelessly in love with a Vampyre, Rauldac's Enforcer. Defying the Fates, she gives Shane Skywalker the gift of life and takes him as her mate. As Alexia falls apart, they travel back in time to the lands of his people... and here the second chapter begins...

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