Character Details - ~An’Thaya Vara Taure

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An'Thaya's Theme

Race: Half-Elven
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'4
Hair: Fire Red
Eyes: Emerald Green
Amazon Rank: Queen
Skills: Weaponry, Blacksmithing, Magic of the Fifth Element


An'Thaya was born a Princess of Koryn, on the day of her birth Thaya's human uncle attacked the Castle and through a spell gone wrong, sent them to a dark dimension. An'Thaya and her Guardian, General Tager, were sucked through a portal. Fearing for the Princess's safety, he took her to the Jungle and raised her among the Amazon's. There was a phrophecy that said Light's Hope would bring Koryn back to safety, and on her eight hundredth year she set out to do so with Galain and B'Rodyn.
Her plans fell through, Koryn and every soul within perished at the hands of Tallin Modar. Although she avenged them with his death, the young half-elf lost her mind. At a later date, her lover Galain was embraced into the Gangrel clan and An'Thaya fell further into darkness. Madness is now all she knows, a thirst for power driving her every move.
Before the near destruction of Alexia, she made an attempt on her Cousin B'Rodyn's life, which proved unsuccessful. In the end, the appearance of her brother Y'Roden, thought dead with the rest of those in Koryn, tipped the scales completely. Only Galain's rescue of An'Thaya preserved her from a complete catatonic state.
In the time between, the pair have been claiming parts of Koryn in a bid to seize her as their own.
An'Thaya met Galain when she was eight hundred years old. He was with her when her family died, picking up the peices of her life. She was going mad, and they both knew it. His embrace into the Gangrel clan plunged her further into darkness. But, at least they were insane together... right?
When An'Thaya's plot to overthrow her Cousin went wrong, Galain rebelled against Rauldac and came to her rescue, spiriting her off to the Jungle. The two mounted a campaign against Koryn, seeking to overthrow B'Rodyn and Y'Roden and rule it themselves.
Galain is the only one An'Thaya trusts, the only one to lay claim to her heart.

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