Character Details - Alaric Donaver

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Basic Characteristics:

Height: 6', 2"
Hair: Short-cropped, pale blond
Eyes: Ice blue
Build: Lean and muscular
Age: Looks 35-40, is about 12,000-15,000
Marital Status: Single/Had a light bond with a felinumearan female named Terra K'tral

Alaric was the Captain of the Royal Guard and cast his lot with Gareth when he staged a coup of the Elen throne. As Captain he was Galain's executioner when Galain was accused of Adarin's supposed death.

Alaric was also a Ranger at one point and is superb at tracking, defense, stragetic, offense, etc. He is a natural leader who expects obedience if not respect.

Alaric has chosen to exile himself from Alcarinque and it is doubtful he will return.

Alaric has never married, nor does he have children, though he is not without some measure of charm. He has simply chosen to focus on his career. More of his history will be shared as he develops.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Neal McDonough