Character Details - ~Y’Roden Vara Taure

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Y'Roden's Theme

Race: Half-Elven
Rank: King of Koryn
Height: 6'2
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Emerald Green
Skills: Warrior, Mage of the Fifth Element


Y'Roden was born Crown Prince of Koryn, and was ten years old when it was sucked into a dark dimension. During the eight hundred years it was trapped, he was taken captive by a Demoness and converted to the darkness. Upon his return to Alexia he was ensnared by his human Uncle, until the man died at An'Thaya's hands. Before the siblings could be reunited, Y'Roden was taken in by Arminiea Morelen. Ro habors some guild over the fact that his sister never knew he survived the distruction of Koryn upon its return. For if she had, the Amazon may have been spared Madness. Released from the Crystal Keep, Y'Roden seeks to revive the Kingdom of Corin, reunite his people, and retake the throne.

Y'Roden got off on the wrong foot with Dalyah Henley, though things soon changed when she realized exactly who he was. Her strength and loyalty have won her a spot in the King's heart, and his interest grows day by day. Where the path is leading for these two is likely obvious to everyone else but themselves...

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