Character Details - ~Captn Morgan Sloan

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Morgan's Theme

Age: 33
Hair: Long, Black and Curly
Eyes: Black
Height: 6'5
Weight: 270lbs
Weapons: Cutlass, Flintlock


Morgan was born into the Pirate Trade, his father a Captain before him. His mother was a blowsy tavern wench from a little known Port in Hells Islands. As a child he rarely saw his father, but heard plenty about his exploits from the sailors in the tavern where he and his mother lived. There were several years in which it was assumed that his roaving father was dead, so it was with a great deal of surpise that Morgan found himself toted off by Captain Riley Sloan at the tender age of thirteen. It was at this point that he learned he had a younger half-sister, Maggie Sloan. Ship life came naturally to young Morgan, and he quickly worked his way up the ranks on the ship, eventually taking his father's place when the old man died at sea. The new Captain Sloan was an imposing figure, easily over six foot five in height with dark curly hair and peircing dark eyes. He was a scourge on the sea, feared and revered. With Mad Maggie as his first mate they sailed the Great Western Sea aboard Morgan's vessel, The Black Shoal.
Morgan is a true Pirate at heart, he plunders and kills without remorse. His motto? "Give no Quarter" Most of his time is spent at sea, but occassionaly he puts to port. At one time it was usually just to restock the ship, enjoy a good drinking binge, and terrorize the local brothel. These days, its to romance his wife, Aurura Sloan.

Aurora was born to a noble family of Sargasso, forbidden fruit for someone like Morgan Sloan. Captivated by her beauty, he knew he had to have her the moment she graced his presence. She was promised to another, but being the Pirate he is, Morgan absconded with his Lady Love and married her right then and there.
Only the best for his wife, he bought a sizeable manor and lavished all the finer things in life upon her. Pirating pays well, after all. With their first child on the way, Morgan is out at sea... and trouble is on the wind.

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