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Malik's Theme

The SandShadow - Shakava (Leader)
Meaning: King (Master) Horseman (Knight)
Race: Obsidian Nomad - Sandshadow
Age: 500
Height: 6'1
Hair: Black, Length varies from short cropped to below shoulders
Eyes: Black
Weapon: Obsidian Glass Sword
Natural Abilities: Sandshadow - transmutation


Malik Faris is the Shakava (Leader) of the Nomads that dwell in the Obsidian Basin. They are breeders of the Obsidian Horses, and workers of metal.
Malik himself is a Sandshadow, a rarity even among his own people. He has a skill known as transmutation, the ability to alter his form at a molecular level and pass through solid rock. He can also transmute ore and rock to create objects such as rare gems, metals, jewelry and the like. Vitrification is a skill as well. (The transformation of rock into an unbreakable glasslike substance)
The Horses bred by his people are long lived, reaching lifespans of up too five hundred years, and are extremely intelligent. Heavily built, thick crested beasts they are well suited to Alexia's terrain, and have no fear of Vampyres.
The nomads themselves live to five hundred years and beyond. Malik, as a SandShadow, will see one thousand years.
Malik has a calm, noble bearing and rarely rises to anger. He cares deeply for his people and takes pride in both the horses they raise, and the beauty of the objects they create. On the battlefield he tends to lean toward the style of a beserker, and wields a glass scimitar.
The love interest in Malik's life is Silkwood Dellanny, Primogen of the Ventrue Clan.
Silkwood and Malik have had business dealings for years, and it was only Silkwoods lingering feelings for Lancelot DuLac that prevented the human from making his interest known. After the death of Nitewings Hawkings he finally took the plunge. The pair immediately made a connection and despite the devide between human and Vampyre, found love. Malik has waited through the years since the Primo's were forced into Torpor by the near destruction of their homelands. He has remained celibite, waiting for the woman he loves to arise.

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