Character Details - ~Arminiea Morelen

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Arminiea's Theme

Height: 6'
Hair: White
Eyes: White
Physical Age: An Ancient (beginning of time)
Apparent Age: Ageless
Occupation: Goddess of Light


The Universe is infinite... and I am the universe.

She has many guises, and many names....
Throughout time she has guarded the children of light.
They call her Weeper, White Witch, Keeper of Secrets.
To them she is Goddess, Gaurdian, Teacher and Mother.

She one of the Light Court, the Ainatarokala ever watchful against the movements of the Ainataromore. Thay are all siblings, the Dark and the Light ... but parted ways long ago. They differ in opinion on how to raise the races. Those of the light prefer eductation and choice, guidance and love. Those of the dark prefer chaos and brute strength. Unfortunatly, their children have suffered for it.
She, unlike many of her brethern, walks among the races. She is a teacher, the hand that guides the light. This age has been rife with darkness, for They have become restless ...

The relationship between Arminiea and Armani has more to do with manipulating destiny than any romantic notion. The two forged a union that produced a child, a daught of Light who has a path to follow. Arminiea does not love as Armani does, her life is too full of students and the will of the Fates for her to dwell on any such self indulgent emotion.

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