Character Details - ~Payne Bullion

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Payne's Theme

Occupation: Dragon Lord of Ambrozia
Height: 5'6
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Payne was brought up on a Pirate ship, and she never suspected that her loving father was no other than Armani Xandu, God and Creator of Alexia himself. Out on her own for awhile she stumbled across a Dragon egg, and when it hatched, the two were bound together, inseperable. The Dragon was a Gold by the name of Whisper, and Payne found herself in the company of a band of opportunists called the Dragon Lords.
Years later, Armani himself came to collect her for education at the Crystal Keep, introducing her at long last to her mother, Arminiea, Goddess of Light.
Payne's lover, Lazaar Vargo, a fellow Dragon Lord and companion to which Payne gave her heart long ago. Time, distance and responsibility have seperated the two women, circumstances landing them on seperate planets, in seperate lives. Through the years Payne has longed for her love, and hopes that with the return of the Dragon Lords to Alexia, they will find one another once again.

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