Character Details - ~Lord Jaran

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Name: Jaran Morelen
Race: Ainatarokala (Gods of Light)
Height: 6'4
Hair: White
Eyes: White or Ice Blue
Physical Age: An Ancient (beginning of time)
Apparent Age: Ageless
Occupation: Dragon Lord of Ice / God of Light

The God of Light, a recluse that dwells upon the Isle of Ice.
If he does venture out, it is to walk among the Dragon Lords, and then only to appease his companion, an ancient Crystal Dragon by the name of Soul.
Jaran can be found within his Keep of Ice Crystals, he is a watcher. His creed one of non-interference. Occasionally he will allow an audience, but they are rare, and only under dire circumstances.
Lights akin the Aura Borealis light the skies above his island, a refraction of the light of shoals of crystal globes. As light as air, fashioned by the hand of the God himself, they float out over Alexia ... collecting images, memories, sounds, and carrying them back to their maker. It is Soul's task to sort through them, an eternally patient creature he flies among them, weeding the important information out, and popping the useless ones like bubbles between his talons.

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