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Saya's Theme

Age: 4000
Height: 6'
Hair: Golden Blonde
Eyes: Cobalt Blue
Magic: Fire Mage


Saya is a pureblooded Elen. Her parents opted to live outside the city of Alcarinque when she was a small child. By chance her parents were brutally murdered at the hands of humans, and she herself was... clears throat... tortured by them. Barely escaping with her life she fled into the wilds of Berelath where she was picked up by a Human Demon Mage. He enslaved her and used her as a prop in his dark magics for several centuries of his unnaturally extended life. She ended it for him however, having picked up his skill for the dark arts.
Saya is a purist, she hates anything non Elen. She blames humans for the death of her parents and the fate that befell her. She looks down on other breeds of elves as well.
Saya's presence on Alexia is an accident, she fell through a portal in space and time, finding herself on an unknown planet and under the spell of a God.
Saya stumbled into Armani's life quite literally, and quite by accident. Instantly drawn in by the Vampyre God's charisma she found herself suddenly entrance, and on an adventure she would never previously have agreed to. After all, the male Armnani sent her off with was a human. Yet, off she went, and to yet another planet to deal with rodents of unusual size.
Armani swept her away once before the years she spend away from Alexia, and in that time he bound her powers to the light and increased them. He bedded her only once, but it left a lasting imprint on Saya's soul.
Rojur started out with three strikes against him. He was a man, he was human, and he was an Ass.
Somewhere along the line, however, Saya got over her hatred of humans, or at least this one human, and found herself actually liking the fellow. Well, liking him enough to break furnature in an energetic fashion at least.
Through the years after Alexia's near demise, the pair were stationed on another planet together... and their affair has turned into a regular sort of thing.

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