Character Details - Silmë Urdrul

Written by GalainLast Edited : 21-Jan-2008 5:12:11 pm

Height: 5', 7"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Age: (to be updated)
Marital status: Single

Silmë is the youngest daughter of Hunter and Mercy Urdrul, as well as the youngest of the triplet daughters born to her parents. She has never traveled outside of Brendar's Valley and has accepted her role at home as her mother's assistant. She is a fairly quiet young woman who enjoys meeting visitors, but whose heart is clearly tied to her home. Silmë greets newcomers with wide eyes and shares the inquisitive nature of several of her older brothers.

Usual mode of dress: Traditional female Brendari garb which is a brightly-colored woolen skirt (Silmë favors blue), a loose-fitting, long-sleeved blouse, and low, leather boots.

Newly discovered limits of her Elen abilities:

Silmë can heal -- she can what she knows however. She can also heal what she is given the chance to study and understand. Healing does take energy from her and so she can only heal in stages.

Silmë can probably make handfire, but not in the Labyrinth. She's terrible with matches as a result.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Portia de Rossi