Character Details - ~Galahad Corbenic duLac

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Laddy's Theme

Clan: Ventrue
Rank: Enforcer
Height: 6'3
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Talents: Leadership, Gentleman Warrior, Business


Galahad is the biological son of Lancelot duLac, and also his Vampryic child. The young knight was injured during a battle in Britanny and while on his deathbed, was visited by his 'dead' Father. To save his son's life, Lancelot embraced him and took him off planet to the planet of Alexia.
Much like his Father, Laddy is patient, business minded, but also has a rather playful streak. He hails from the Terra, or as the Kine call it, Earth.
The son of the legendary Lancelot duLac, and the Lady Elaine of Corbenic, he was not a child borne out of love. At least, not on the part of his Father. The Lady Elaine seduced Lancelot, using magic to make the Knight believe he was lying with the woman he loved... Gwenivere Pendragon.

Aware of the circumstances surrounding his birth Galahad was, none the less, a legend in his own right. Known as the perfect Knight, the most pure of heart, and a Knight of the Round Table in his own right. Loved by Lancelot despite the trickery of his Mother, Galahad mourned when his Father was banished from Camelot, never to return.

Or so most thought.
Galahad was mortally wounded in battle during his twenty seventh year, the physicians held no hope for is recovery. On his death bead a vision of his departed Father appeared, or that is what he assumed it was at the time. Lancelot was unchanged although it had been ten years since the last time Galahad had laid eyes on him.

An offer was made, the gift of immortality, a new life. The truth of what Lancelot had become horrified Galahad at first until he came to understand it, to see the beauty within the beast. Accepting Lancelot as Sire as well as Father, Galahad gave himself over to the Dark Gift, becoming Vampyre, a Chylde of House DuLac. He followed Lancelot off planet to a place called Alexia... a safe haven for those called Vampyre.

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