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Hallem's Theme

Clan: Cappadocian
Rank: Second
Height: 5'11
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Skills: Necromancy, Dark Magic, Scholar.

Hallem is Valentine's right hand man, his favoured chylde. Unknown to anyone, he is also Val's biological brother. Once King of Atlantis, he inherited the throne after his elder brother Maleth (Valentine) abdicated in favour of studying the arts of the Magi.
Hallem took a wife, who bore him a son, but wedded bliss soon turned into a nightmare. New's of Maleth's death reached the Kingdom and, plunged into grief, Hallem and his younger sister mourned overly long. Jealous of the attention the King lavished on his sister, the Queen murdered her.
Not long afterwards, she poisoned Hallem as well. The undead Maleth turned up just as the deed was done and killed the Queen in a blind rage. Still too young a Vampire to be able to safely embrace his brother, Maleth placed Hallem in stasis instead.
Centuries later, when his powers had grown, the Vampire now known as Valentine released his younger brother from his unnatural sleep and gave him the dark gift. The two, last of Clan Cappadocian, fled Terra for the planet Alexia. It was here that Valentine began to rebuild his dead Clan, hiding his true identity from Giovanni eyes.

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