Character Details - ~Wolfe Djinn

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Wolfe's Theme

Clan: Ravnos
Rank: Primogen
Height: 6'
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Skills: Thief, Shapeshifter

He began life simply enough, once he had a wife, children, a family... He was as mortal as any human could hope to be. It was 20 AD in the area known now as Nothern India,He was one of the Romani, a gypsy, a dancer and a theif. Life as a nomadic people is always dangerous, always a risk.
Wolfe lost his Family in an invasion that drove many of his people into Europe. He was left for dead himself, and he wished he was. Found by a Baro of his people he was given a choice... Death, or dark immortality. He was a pure Rom, highly sought after by the Clan Ravnos.
Wolfe chose death, the Baro chose life. Badgered into taking the Embrace the young Vampyre resented it at first. But like a true Romani he adapted, Letting his humanity fade into a numb void. The pain was left in the past.... But never again has the Lone Wolfe let anyone into his heart.
A few centuries after his embrace, Wolfe found his way to a planet called... Alexia.

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