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Valentine's Theme

Clan: Cappadocian
Rank: Primogen
Height: 6'
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Blonde
Skills: Necromancy, Dark Magic, Scholar
Chylder: Hallem Phoenix, Elixxir Phoenix

Val is the Primogen of the Cappadocian Clan, and also the eldest. Unlike most Archons, he is active within his Clan, still leading them. The reason for this is their near distruction at the hands of another Giovanni. Val is struggling to restore the Cappa's to their former glory. So far, he has had quite a bit of success. An Ancient Vampyre he is chronologically about ten thousand years old, a child of Atlantis. His Maker was Cappadocius himself, at a later time it was Valentine that conspired and ultimately ordered his death. His real name is not Valentine, but he will not reveal his true title to anyone. His skills include those of a Magi, and a Necromancer, he is a scholar and like all of his House, he has an unnatrual fascination with death. Val comes across as charming and sweet, but some would argue otherwise.. those that have come across him in a dark alley, or double crossed the wily fellow.

Elixxir came to Alexia seeking something else entirely, answering the call of Rauldac Sagan. At first sight Valentine was ensnared and despite the dangers of laying claim to something Rauldac considered his, the Cappadocian bedded the buxom blonde and lost his undead heart to her.
He could not, however, save Lixx from herself as she stumbled into the viper pit, and nearly died at the hands of the Gangrel Clan. Val did, however, have something Rauldac wanted, and he traded a dangerously powerful blade for Elixxir's life.
Near the point of death, she agreed to the Embrace, to becoming Valentine's Cappadocian Queen. She is the only person to ever awaken emotion in the Cappa Primogen, the love of his life.

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