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Chezlar's Theme

AGE: 4.5 billion years
RACE: Changeling/Centaur(skinwalker)
WEIGHT: 500lbs
HAIR: Ebony
EYES: Liquid Gold
TYPE: Messenger/Angel/Warrior/Assassin
TITLES: Crown Prince of Inligh/Lord of Time
Marital Status: Widowed =
CHILDREN: Chari Lar Khor, Arezlar Khor (Mother: Marion Seften)
Broadsword (strapped to his back, made of his own essence)
Whalebone Wedding Ring (No longer worn)
Jade Carving (Wedding gift from Marion)


I am Chezlar Khor,
Crown Prince of Inligh,
Centaur, Changeling, Messenger of Fate...
Lord of Time.

He is the son of Hezlar Khor, King of Inligh. Hezlar was the first, created by the Fates from the fabric of the Universe to do their bidding. Gifted with the powers of a God to use at their will. They are Gods in Chains... Messengers, Angels, and Assassins. While Hezlar is as old as time itself,Chez is a mere four point five billion years old. He was borne by Weynen* Cheyne, Queen of the Centaurs. The Skinwalkers, human and beast that walk seperatly but have the ability to meld into one being. Raised on the Centaurian plains until my Mother died.... he was sixty years of age .. so long ago in memory the visage of her face was nearly lost to him. He was sent to the Weeper of Fate for training in the ways of the Light, and of Magic. From there to he went to Sha'rippe and the holy temples there. He was shown the Paths drawn by the Fates, and his part in bringing destiny to the universe. At the age of two billion he was taken to Inligh to take his place as Prince of his People, There he has dwelt since, when not in the service of the Fates.

Weynen = Centaruian for Queen

The moment I saw her, was the moment I loved her forever.

The Fates are rarely kind in love, and this time was no different,for she belonged to another. Suzanne was a creature of Darkness, a Vampire Toreador Queen, wed to Ravnhawk Ryhan, her Chylder. Both beings of honor they loved in silence, a bond unsullied by betrayal. He became her protector, and Ravnhawks as well.
Yet the Fates demand his time, they are first and formost in his life.
So it was that Chez was a universe away when Ravnhawk was struck down by the vile Gangrel Rauldac. Unaware of the Hawk's fate he was too late to save him, and too late to prevent Suzanne from entering his funeral pyre....

The Song of My Heart was gone.

In time he learned that she had not truly perished, but by then it was too late, Chez had already wed to another. A few precious stolen moments were all that they shared, before death once again claimed her.

Where does my path lead me now...
Where in time will I find... my Sweet Suzanne.

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