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Name: Catharz Khor
AGE: 4.5 billion years
RACE: Changeling/Centaur(skinwalker)
WEIGHT: 500lbs
HAIR: Ebony
EYES: Liquid Gold
TYPE: Messenger/Angel/Warrior/Assassin
TITLES: Crown Prince of Inligh/Lord of Time
Mate: Suzanne Knight

I was once a single being.... Chezlar Khor, Prince of Inligh.
Struck down by poison I was exposed to a magical stone named the Snow Thorn... or Aeglos. Its power devided my soul.

Chezlar now walked another path, and I, CATHARZ.... was free.

It was to her I flew on dark wings... My hearts desire... my Vampyre Queen... ~SWEETSUZANNE~
Since the moment I laid eyes upon her my soul would have no other...
Now... with her mate slain, she was free to be mine alone. I cared nothing of his death, save that it caused her pain.... For this reason alone I sought to wreak revenge on his murderor... Rauldac Sagan...

No one... not even the Dark Master himself... would I allow to cause her harm... In this I failed, and in her death I was cast into madness, buried once again within my 'self'...

My Ana'morna... Only she tamed the savage beast within... For her I was the gentle lover, her shoulder to lean on, her protector and mate. Once the BloodKiss was completed we would be joined forever...

She was Queen of DravnMoore... Prince of the Vampyre Clans... I was to rule by her side... Giving her the one gift no other can....
A child of our own making.

Vit'reath... Ana'Morna... Unarry...

Until death did us part.

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