Character Details - ~B’Rodyn Vara Taure

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B'Rodyn's Theme

Race: Amanian Elf
Age: 15000
Hair: Long, Chestnut
Eyes: Emerald Green
Height: 6'4
Meaning of his name: Dragon's Heart
Marital Status: Wed to Tessa Vara Taure
Children: B'Ryde, B'Ryce, Trystan

B'Rodyn is King of the Kingdom of Virma Noore, realm of the Forest Elves. He is a elemental mage, most powerful in the Aethyr. He was the hub of the Amanian telepathic network, all minds lead back to the Patriarch and King, he feels their pain, joys, etc. In weaponry his strength is in the sword, he is not often bested on the battle field.

B'Rodyn does not feel physical pain, a wound inflicted upon him as a young elf damaged his nervous system. While he still feels pleasure and will respond to a well placed smeck, he is knumb to knife wounds and other types of severe pain. It is a weakness in itself, as the bodies best defense is its built in early warning system, which this elf sadly lacks.

Markings: The most noteable markings on B'Rodyn is a set of white scars across his side and right arm. These are the talon marks of a silver dragon, a near fatal wound inflicted when he was a mere 150 years old.
He also bears a scar on his lower back, a gash from a sword shortly after the dragon attack.
Vara Taure Insignia on left shoulder.

Tessa, the love of B'Rodyn's life, his wife and soulmate. They met on the planet Terra, and she was not as she is now.
A Gangrel Vampyre, Dungeon Mistress to Rauldac Sagan, and good at her job.
Love brought her to the light, and the Goddess of Light granted her life. Remade as an Elf Tess left her dark past behind, becoming B'Rodyn's Queen.
Her strength tempered with a magnificent spirit are what B'Rodyn loves about her, and her endless fascination with water... his Water Nymph.

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