Character Details - Sandina

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Race: elven sorcerer
Age: 985
Height: 5"8
Build/Weight: 175lbs slender build
Hair: chestnut brown hair with golden streaks that cause her to have a heavenly look
Eyes: Chocolate brown so dark that they appear mirror like
Complexion: fairly pale with a glow
Identifying Marks : a small fleck on her face and a tattoo on her left ankle that means eternity
Clothing: elegant gowns and a simple woven red or black hooded cloak
Personal Items: a delicate cross around her neck and a golden ring around her finger

*Personality: Always maternal worrying about what is to come next and very loving of others
*Ocupation: A seamstress making gowns and clotheing for the masses
*Skills and Abilities: Master sorceress practicing and now teaching Areo all that is to be learned



The daughter of Petra and Miricq, the loving wife of Gardanon and the wonderful mother of Miotila. A mentor to Areostasis and a Surrogate Mother.

Teacher of the arts both dark and white elven magic.


*History: .
*Marital Status:Married
*Children: Miotila and Surrogate Areostasis
*Blood or Soul Bonds: Maternal Bonds to areo and Miotila and eternal soul bond to Gardanon.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Amber Rose Tamblyn