Character Details - Ryo Honda

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Name: Ryo Honda

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 28



"Ryo, you must come with me to Arano." said Muma one night, "Then you will see what is so rotten about you own world and what it will become one day." 

Ryo shook his head; he was ten and didn't like to leave home. "I can't, Muma, my mother will worry about me."


"Well then, you will come with me to Arano when you are twelve." Said Muma with a sigh, packing his books and putting them back in his backpack. "We won't resume our lessons until then."


"What makes you so sure?" Ryo asked suspiciously.


"Because Byouma is coming for her, for your mother."


Then the days passed, and Ryo had to watch his mother die, cursing Muma again and again. Had his demon friend sent the ill health to his mother? Or was it just meant to happen? Either way, his family was suffering and he felt it was all his fault.


When Ryo was very young, he didn't know how old he had been, Muma had moved in to live behind his window curtain. The little demon woke him up every night, at , and taught him magic, telling him that if he tells anyone about these lessons, all his abilities would vanish.


Apart from Ryo, no one could see or hear Muma.


For two years Ryo's mother suffered from her terrible sickness, losing all her hair, growing pale and thin. Every time he saw her, he would also see Byouma standing at her side, pulling golden threads out of her heart and eating them. As his mother grew smaller and weaker, Byouma grew larger and fatter.


One night, when his mother and father were sleeping, Ryo approached Byouma, hoping to plead his mother's life.


"If you don't leave now, Byouma, I will have to use my magic on you."


Byouma said nothing; he only laughed and pulled another golden string from his mother's heart, eating it like spaghetti.


"I'm warning you, Byouma, if you don't leave now…" Ryo's eyes glowed purple.


The demon seemed unafraid by this. "Your fight is not with me, child." Byouma said, calmly reaching out his clawed hand to catch another golden string and pull it out. "It's with Shinigami. But you are nothing compared to him, you cannot stand before a God and you are too late, he has already been summoned. My meal ends in three nights and then I shall have to find another to feed my hunger." With that he swallowed another golden string.


As Byouma promised, three nights later Ryo's mother died. It was only a day after his birthday. After she died, he realized three things, that he had to grow strong, that he had to protect his family and the third – how stronger his sister, Ichigo was from him.


Muma returned the day after the funeral, but Ryo ignored him for several weeks, hoping that he'd go away. The demon was more patient than the boy and eventually Muma prevailed and Ryo returned to learning magic.


On his first visit to Arano, Ryo was thirteen. He spent the years of his life after that visiting the strange and mysterious barren world, trying to discover its hidden secrets and leading two lives. His meaningless life in Japan, where he simply couldn't get his mind around anything and nearly everyone had already given up on him, thinking he was either stupid or he just didn't care and his life full of magic and mystery in Arano.


One day, on Ryo's twenty-first birthday Muma came to him, "Well Ryo," said the demon, "I've taught you a lot of things, I've even taught you sister without her realizing it, but now you have to learn the rest alone. I'm surprised you haven’t figured it out yet."


"Figured what out?" asked the sorcerer.


"Why your world is rotten." Muma shrugged his bony shoulders. "I guess it's something that runs in your family, I mean, how thick is Ichy-san, eh? Hasn't she figured out that her power isn't supposed to be to change things around her but to change herself? Anyway, what I'm trying to say is… Sayonara."


Muma vanished and Ryo never saw him again.


What did Arano mean to Ryo? He was yet to find that out in the hardest way possible.

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