Character Details - Ichigo Honda

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Name: Ichigo Honda

Meaning of Name: Strawberry

Gender: Female

Occupation: Piano Teacher

Origin: Japan

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Complexion: Olive

Height: 5"

Age: 29

Build: Petite

Marital Status: Single


Special Abilities: Ichigo has the ability shape things, she could cause walls to melt into liquid and reshape again. She could mix glass with stone and light with earth. The world is like a pool of color and texture to her and she could control it however she likes. In theory, she could also shape plants, animals and even people, but after several attempts on plants, she decided not to try to investigate that part of her ability any farther – the plants always died.



Background: Ichigo's mother, Ren, died of brain cancer when Ichigo was thirteen years old. Instead of weeping for her mother, she became very internal and took up the habit of talking rarely. She also took up all the house chores and all the important family decisions. It was because of her that her father was able to return to life.

After Ren's death, Ichigo's father was a broken man, Ren had been his reason to live, to wake up in the morning, he closed himself in his room for a week, refusing to come out, refusing to eat.

With persistence and a will of iron Ichigo managed to save her father and did so while her good for nothing brother, Ryo, was getting into no end of trouble with the wrong people.

But somehow, she solved that too. But that she didn't do using wit and strong will - that she did with her powers.

Ichigo first learned of her powers when her mother died, thinking that the fact of her powers wouldn't be highly welcome among the public, she kept it a secret and soon learned how hard to was to avoid using something that comes naturally to you.

What scared her most was the increasing speed in which her powers were growing, that started to be hard to control; things were becoming dangerous, she was afraid someone would get hurt.

The day she saved Ryo from trouble was when she learned that she wasn't alone; her younger brother too had a very special ability.

Ichigo pursued her dream of playing the piano, she honed a tremendous talent but the only thing hindering her was her unwillingness to leave her family and go learn in a music academy.

Instead she did her best teach piano lessons to annoying children at the local Elementary School.

But that wasn't what life had in store for her.


Personality: Ichigo is very strong-willed. If she wants something to happens, she is unstoppable – she would make it happen. She's very internal and doesn't speak much. She believes in family like a religion, believing that it is her role in life to keep things running. If there is something that can be said about her it is this: she is a person who fixes and takes care of things, if she can't solve a problem, nobody can.

Ichigo never told anyone how much she misses her mother, how it made her lonely and sad when she died. All those thoughts, all those hurtful memories – they were locked inside her along with the tears she never cried, even on the hardest days.

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