Character Details - Miotila

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Meaning of Name: child of the dawn
Race: elven
Age: 323
Height: 5 " 6
Build/Weight: slender build with prevailing muscles
Hair: fire red with golden highlights
Eyes: deep blue like the ocen with flecks of silver
Complexion: fairly pale with a pleasant glow
Identifying Marks : a slight scar over her right eye
Clothing: varies mostly between dark green or brown tunic with glistening stones and usually wearing black leater or blue woven pants
Personal Items tightly strung bow as well as a simple golden red amulet around her neck

Personal Information:
Extremly confident a little over confident actually I am the only son of my family and have been well taught so I am very knowledgable.
*Ocupation: Handyman
*Skills and Abilities: I have been taught some Magic I am not a master but if u put a bow in my hands or a sword I can handle anything
*Weapons Used: Electric Bow also a skilled swordsman

Miotila was the only son of Gardanon and mother Sandina who grew up in deep woods of the gradient.  He was raised there until  Gardanon and sandina were slaughtered by darkelvin. That began their journey through the gradient to seek out new family and a better way of life.  there has always been rumors of other elven warriors in hiding in the hills and caverns of the gradient and they set out to find others like them.

 Miotila had been taught the ways of the elven magic by his father and was more relative to the gradient forest than Areo so bow in hand they set off to find a better life.





*History: I am the only son of Sandini and Gardanon Boroug. My parents were new to the gradient when I was born we moved here so I dont remeber anything else but life in the gradient. I had an amasing childhood which got even better when my parents brought Areostasis home. I was taught everything I know from my father and mother right down to the love I have for Areo came from watching my parents. I will have to say I miss them so and am Filled with hatred and anger but Areo keeps me grounded so I can handle what is to come.
*Marital Status: Promised
*Children: None as of yet
*Blood or Soul Bonds: Bonded with Areostasis

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Chad Michael Murray