Character Details - Areostasis

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Meaning of Name: child of the dawn
Race: elven
Age: 323
Height: 5 " 6
Build/Weight: slender build with prevailing muscles
Hair: fire red with golden highlights
Eyes: deep blue like the ocen with flecks of silver
Complexion: fairly pale with a pleasant glow
Identifying Marks : a slight scar over her right eye
Clothing: varies mostly between dark green or brown tunic with glistening stones and usually wearing black leater or blue woven pants
Personal Items tightly strung bow as well as a simple golden red amulet around her neck

*Personality: I am a little overzelous when it comes to beign told what to do. I am eager to belong and I think that cuases me to be a bit snippy
*Ocupation: Huntress and marksman works odd jobs when nescessary
*Skills and Abilities: marksman aim with an electric bow and a practiving sorcerer
*Weapons Used: Electric Bow 



She was an orphan that was taken in by Miotila's father Gardanon and mother Sandina when they found her in the deep woods of the gradient.  She was raised there until just before her 300 celestial when every Gardanon and sandina were slaughtered by darkelvin. That began her and Miotila's journey through the gradient to seek out new family and a better way of life.

Areo is still very young and has much to learn.  She is eager and rash and attempts new feats that she shouldnt.  Although she has a great grasp of knowledge she has no patience to be taugh she is very unwilling to be treated as a child.  She can be controversial and unsettling even for her beloved Miotila.


*History: Abandoned at birth in the gradient and found by sandini and Gardanon. I was taken into the family and raised as their own. Until my 320 birthday when something horrible happened the family the only family I have ever known had been brutally slaughtered when Miotila and I had been away from our home. We found them lying in their own blood barely alive. My mother Sandini muttered only three words I love You and that has been what has kept me going. Miotila and I have been on a never ending expedition through the gradient for the last three years in search of othes like us as well as those who took our life from us for the savages who ripped our home apart their days are numbered. The only thing now is I seem to loose myself more and more everyday. The powers that Sandini had taught me are begining to take me over and all I feel is love for my Miotila and Revenge for my lost family.
*Marital Status: Promised
*Children: None as of yet
*Blood or Soul Bonds: Bonded with Miotila

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