Character Details - Morningstar

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Morningstar & OwlRace:  Whèr- Felidae, one of the cat-like lifeforms of Loegr.

Age:  ageless; Morningstar has phoenix-like abilities. He has been reborn many times over several aeons. He  looks like a cat in the prime of life

Height:   he stands about 20” to the shoulder and is about 40” from nose to the tip of his tail.

Build/Weight:   large, strong but perfectly in proportion. Although he is a very large cat he doesn’t appear like a huge lump.

Hair:   gold-red ginger; bands of dark red and light gold down his body and tail. He has a white nose with a ginger moustache, a white shirt-front and belly, and white feet.

Eyes: Green–gold, occasionally going silver when he’s journeying.

Identifying Marks: His ginger moustache; two matching ginger splodges on the inside of each of his back legs.

Personal Items usually carried:        His right ear is pierced; he sometimes wears a titanium owl earring in it. He has an invisible Crane Bag - bag made from a crane's skin in which you keep all that makes you you; plus everything you might ever need ... assuming you can imagine enough situations! Morningstar keeps his between-ther-worlds and pulls on a thread attached to it to bring it to him.

Mornigstar has an invisible (usually) Crane Bag. This is a bag in which you carry everything that makes you you. It also contains everythng you might ever need in any situation ... provided you can imagine both the need and the situation *g*. The bag is infinitely expanable, theoretically you could put several star-ships in it. Morningstar has never done this as he can't see the need, *g*.

Meaning of his Name:  the name Morningstar as several meanings, all of which he takes to heart and uses.

  • Morningstar – a kind of flail with a ball of metal at the end of a chain;

  • The morning star – e.g. Venus on Terra;
  • The god Lucifer, the light-bringer; he who stole enlightenment from the Elder Gods and brought it to Terra to help the creatures (including humans) on that planet. Naturally, Morningstar very much favours this last meaning J, he tells stories of that adventure and his subsequent war with heaven when he has his students on vision-quests. He will actually shift into the flail to work with Grymalkyn if she needs such a weapon.

This is a painting Grymalkyn did of him while she was at the School, at Arberth on Annwfn.Morningstar Haiku

Morningstar is a senior tutor at the School at Arberth on Annwfn. This is a school for Awenydd – shamans. They follow the path of the Awenyddion, the inspired or burning ones. They are walkers between the worlds, death-walkers, and land-singers. Underlying their work is the ability to focus, transmit and receive energy. They are righters of wrongs, which means they often have to be spies and assassins.

Morningstar teaches them their trade; this includes – altered consciousness; shape shifting: journeying: soul leading: thread twining;  singing the land; ways of healing, giving both life and death. He also enables his students to know how the universe works and to be able to tap into this to do their work.

He works for Arawn, a shifter, who is the principal of the School.

    • Little Known Facts:  Morningstar’s life and consciousness threads are permanently twined with those of the parts of the universe where he is. This would be most unwise for most magicians and shifters but, because his extreme age and experience, he has had the time, and the wish, to learn all he can about how the multiverses work, how they are integrated and interlinked. Consequently, he has a deep connection with all Life. Magic, for him, is about this, about knowing how to work with, alongside of and as an equal partner with the forces and energies of Life itself.

      Because of this, otherworld is unwilling to harm him or work against him in any way. As a result, when enemies seek to use magic against him – because they are working with the forces and energies of the universe in small or large – those forces will not knowingly do anything to harm Morningstar. His student, Medrawd, has come up against this and has had to learn ways to disguise his magical workings against his old tutor so that he can trick the forces into doing his will when it is aimed at harming Morningstar.

      Morningstar is ancient but not immortal, he can be killed and has been on three occasions. Each time he was reborn into a new but similar body to his previous one. If he is killed again this will happen again. He is one of the Elders, one who has been around for so many ages that he has been able to learn a great deal about how it all works, although not everything. He thanks his stars that the possibility of that is nearly non-existent so he’ll never be bored *g*. He never stops learning.

      He is on intimate terms with otherworldly beings and makes a point of journeying to meet them wherever he goes, consequently he is respected by other beings, lifeforms, from particle to planet. He usually hides his abilities, only using as much magic as he needs for whatever he’s doing – from getting a saucer of milk to defeating an adversary. He can also appear a bumble-headed professor (a favoured disguise of his).

      He is usually gracious to those he is with and rarely loses his temper – another facet of extreme age, he’s done it all before and fallen in most of the pits as a result, so he no longer needs to stroke his ego with ill-temper. He can be angry though, when someone does something to harm the universe or any tiny part of it. His even temper makes him popular with his students as he’s unlikely to bawl them out for making a mistake, although he will point it out to them, usually in a way which they cannot possibly hide from *g*. But then he will help them to learn from the mistake and move on.

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