Character Details - Penelope Loyal

Written by SerikCreated : 27-Apr-2007 5:24:24 am
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Name: Penelope Loyal

Age: 26

Height: 5"2'

Hair Color: Varies, depending on what color of hair dye catches her eye on a certain month and how it actually turns out.

Natural Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown

Complexion: Fair

Build: Petite, looks skinny and breakable. She attempted several times in her life to gain weight, but to no avail.

Occupation: Hair dresser

Clothing: Penny takes her appearance very seriously, as a hair-dresser in such an important saloon, she does her best to look attractive and expensive, although she doesn't really have the money to live up to such expensive requirements, she buys designer-looking cloths that were probably imported from some third-world country in places where you should always pay in cash.

Physical Defects: Pen requires glasses, though she usually either goes with contact lenses or simply without any optical help. She avoids letting people know that she doesn't have perfect 20/20 vision.

Habits: Smokes and drinks alcohol only in the company of her so-called friends Addicted to caffeine.

Friends: Penny has many friends, though it's more of a habit than actual friendship. She doesn't enjoy their company very much and often she feels lonely among them, but she tolerates them anyway, and goes out with them nearly every night – it beats tossing and turning in her empty bed, in her empty apartment.

Personality: Pen is somewhat of an odd-goose. She's very intelligent and reads a lot of books on various subjects, though all the information she has, she keeps to herself. She doesn't talk much while in the company of others, although she has an opinion about everything. People like her anyway, because she's quick to smile and make a joke. The fact that her eyes show that she has mountains of knowledge in her head attract people to her. She's unpredictable, abnormal and refreshing altogether.

Her main problem when it comes to socializing is that she never really feels attached to people. She says she likes her friends, but inside she doesn't really care about them. She does her best to talk to her mom every day, but she doesn't feel it essential.

History and Background:  Pen came from a good family, the oldest of three sisters, her father a successful lawyer and her mother an architect. Although middle school and high school, Pen was highly popular, considered one of the most desired girls in school. She had a steady boyfriend for most of high school, not because she liked him in particular, but because it was what you did in high school.

For some reason, after high school, although her grades were high, she decided not to go to college but to go to beauty school. This confused her parents and led to a lot of uncomfortable conflicts, but she was always a person to go her own way. She decided that she liked her family a lot better from far off, and moved far enough to make it legitimate to visit them only during holidays.

Marital Status and Past Relationships: Single. After High school Pen hadn't managed to keep a relationship for longer than a week, this is due to her inability to connect. She's not the sort of girl who is looking for a relationship, but sometimes when a guy takes interests, she lets him into her bed so that his momentary presence would push away the loneliness for a while.

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