Character Details - Molefi

Written by R "Smooch"Created : 16-Apr-2007 4:23:34 pm
Last Edited : 16-Apr-2007 4:55:39 pm

Molefi  is an African 5'5" Chocolate brown skin and eyes. He has tribal scarring on the left side of his body and a bright red feather thru his right ear. His teeth are sharp in appearance. For the most part he wears only a plain skin loincloth but when it it cold, he wears a lionskin cloak with bright blue and red beads on it.

He is very intelligent though he has been "trained" not to show it. He can speak/ understand Swahili, British. German and French, though he will only let on that he can speak Swahili and a VERY little French. He has been educated at Cambridge in England and studied medicine at the Karl-Ferdinand Universität in Prague because of his family's rescue and freindship with a European noble family.

He however will play the "dumb native" because it suits his own purposes. He seems to be a jovial simple ignorant savage, but has his name relates Molefi is the keeper of tradtions. He knows much more than he lets on on many subjects and he is reluctant to  reveal anything that could damage the tribe's way of life.

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