Character Details - Baron Andre Chausseur

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Name: Baron Gaston Andre Chausser

Meaning of Name: A strong man from Gascony who makes shoes.

Race: Creole


Apparent Age: 20

Height: 6'9"

Build/weight: athletic/245#

Hair: black crewcut, if left to grow it falls into loose waves

Eyes: ice blue

Complexion: mediterranian cafe con leche.

Clothing: When in cities, business attire of the day and area, very stylish and clean. When out in the field, mostly whatever the locals are wearing.

Baron Andre Chausseur is neither a baron nor Belgian. He is a complete fraud living a lie  to keep him in good with rising Nazi Party and the Belgian Police.

What he IS, is Andy Shoemaker, a easy-going Louisanna gambler and imposing giant AWOL  from the US army. He found he liked it better in Beilgan at the end of WWI, than in the States so he stayed making a name for himself as boxer and wrestler. His size made him easy to" sell" and his nature made him popular with the gambling aristocracy. Usually when they bet on him, they made money and as he usually bet on himself, so did Andy. More as a joke than anything one his benefators had him Knighted so he became "Sir Chausseur". Later one of his promoter began calling him the "Bloody Baron Chaussuer" and the title "Baron" just stuck. Now he is friend with Hendrik de Man and a few of the up and comers in the Nazi party.

He is also a student of the occult. "Back Home" his Mother and Grandmother were both Hoodun's and he is fascinated by mystic and natural religions. It is something he shares in common with some of his Nazi friends.  He can usually be found in some dark library reading forgotten and forbidden tome and taking notes. He can do a spell or two that works but it not the magic he wants but the knowledge.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Andrew Danjumbo