Character Details - Ukzhahendar

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Ukzhahendar: "He is different"

Race: Half Drow, Half Demon/God


Str.: 17(+4)= 21

Dex.: 14(+4)= 18

Con.: 13(+2)= 15

Int.: 18(+4)= 22

Wis.: 10(+0)= 10

Char.: 13(+2)= 15

Height: 5' Tail length: 3'  Bite: 1d6; Claw: 1d4; Talon: 1d8

Weight: 87 lbs.

Wingspan: (dual) 15' tip-to-tip

Apparent age: pre-teen child   Actual Age: 4 decades(Still a Drow child; demon whelp)

Coloration: Skin, scales, feathers, claws, talons - midnight blue-black with oily sheen

Hair: Feathery, mixed shades of blue ranging from midnight to almost white

Eyes: In bright light, they appear black. Glow red-purple in the dark (infravision through ultravision); can see full spectrum AND invisible.

Drow inherent abilities:

Spell-like abilities: darkness, dancing lights, faerie fire, levitation (self + 50lbs. Only).

Spell resistance: 11+class level(20th)= 31

+4 to Will when saving against enchantment spells or effects

+2 to Will when saving vs. other spells or spell-like abilities

+2 to Search, Spot, Listen checks

Fort. Saves at +1

Ref. Saves at +1

Immunity to sleep spells and effects

Weapon Proficiencies: all Drow known

Light Blindness: 1 round, after sudden exposure to bright light; all actions at -1 while in bright light (negated by third eye lid - dark but translucent, allows vision while blocking excess light)

Darkvision 120'

Demonic inherent abilities:

Wings, tail, scales, claws, talons, third eye lid, increased ability scores(listed below)

Spell-like Abilities: Improved Darkness 3/day, Desecrate, Unholy Blight, Poison 3/day, Contagion, Blasphemy, Unholy aura 3/day, Unhallow, Horrid Wilting, Summon Monster IX, Destruction, Detect Magic(always "on"), Detect Invisibility(always "on")[These are in addition to the Drow Spell-Like Abilities listed above.]

Immune to: Poison

Resistant to: Acid 20, Cold 20, Electricity 20, Fire 20

Str.:+4, Dex.:+4, Int.:+4, Con.:+2, Wis.:+0, Char.:+2

Improved AC(Armor Class): 7 points better(racial scales)+Dex. Bonus= (10+7+4)= 21

8 skill points + Int. modifiers per Hit Die.

One extra new feat every four levels.



Improved two-weapon fighting

Improved unarmed fighting(claw, bite, talons)

Flight 120'sec., Average maneuverability

Aerial Combat(winged)

Teleportation (self+50 lbs.)W/out error(known locales and location of heartstone, only)

Weapon focus

Spell Penetration

Combat Casting

Improved Concentration

Weapon Proficiencies: all Drow (20th level ranger)

Schools of magic: all Drow (20th level mage)

Combat styles: all Drow-known (20th level fighter)

Spell Crafting

Direction Sense

Temporal Sense

Depth/Height Sense


Drow, Drow silent speech, Household dialect, Undercommon, Abyssal, Auran, Infernal, Draconic, Orcish, Gnomish, Common, Dwarven, Celestial


Born to Matron Nial’volos of House Vlos’orbb, he was the result of her mating with a demon during the celebration of High Harvest. As she bedded many demons that week, no one was ever certain which demon - or demon-type - was his father. Many suspect the lesser Demon Prince Pazuzu, Lord of Evil Air Elementals. Some whisper that his father was merely a Vrock, a lesser demon-type. Ukzhahendar, being her only son, holds the position of Firstboy. He has had as many as thirty-eight sisters, and as few as eleven; due to in-House rivalries. Being a half-demon, Ukzhahendar holds special status within Drow society, bringing greater honor to his Household.

After his live birth, House Vlos’orbb rose to victory, joining the ruling noble houses of their city. Shortly thereafter, in-House rivalries split the Household, with several surviving sisters striking out on their own. Surviving this, House Vlos’orbb grew stronger despite losing so many powerful daughters. Weaned from the milk-spiders on this steady diet of treachery, Ukzhahendar is expected to aid his Household’s rapid rise to even greater heights of power.

Trained by his three Drow Patrons as House Weaponsmaster, House Wizard, and House Assassin, Ukzhahendar excels in the use of any Drow weapon, fighting style, poison, trap, spell, or school of magic. Practiced in combining his magical abilities and skills in stealthy, unexpected ways, Ukzhahendar could have taken over his Household a decade ago, were it not for his Matron-mother’s hold over him. She pried a strange gemstone from his grasp when he was born - his heartstone - and has ever since used it to force his obedience to her will. She wears the gem in a magical silver cage, suspended from an enchanted chain around her neck. If he ever manages to regain the stone, he will be freed from her control, able to escape and seek the open skies he craves. Currently, his only goal is to keep his Matron-mother happy until he can steal back his heartstone - or trick someone else into getting it for him. Ukzhahendar is only four decades old, not old enough for Drow formal schooling, or to wander outside the Household grounds. Still, he often slips away to go flying through the caverns. During these illicit flights, he has many interesting adventures.


Ukzhahendar is curious, outgoing, cautious. He enjoys new experiences. Being young, he still lacks in wisdom somewhat; leading him into trouble from time to time. He feels the call of evil clearly, and having no reason NOT to answer it, tends to follow his darker impulses. That doesn’t mean he IS evil; just that he tends to follow the path he knows. All of his life(until now) has been lived within a traditional, non-Lolthian Drow Household, with all the evil, viciousness, and cruelty that implies. His view varies from a typical male Drow’s view, being highly valued by his Matron-mother; he has been granted many privileges most male Drow rarely imagine. The dreaded whip only stings his scaled hide, making more noise than pain; it is the use/abuse of his heartstone that keeps him in line. He displays a level of self-confidence that seems to say, "I know something YOU don’t - something IMPORTANT."; an attitude that shows clearly in his body language.

Physical Description:

Ukzhahendar looks basically like a Drow male, only taller and stronger, with scales on his arms, legs, and torso, two pairs of large, powerful bat-like feather-covered wings, and a whip-like tail covered in feathers and scales, ending in a stiletto-like spike. His hair is fine and feathery, and his facial features somewhat resemble a bird of prey. His feet are shaped like large bird talons, and his dextrous hands end in small, sharp claws. Skin, scales, claws and feathers are all a deep, midnight blue-black, with an oily-looking sheen. His hair is in shades of blue, ranging from midnight to almost white. Ukzhahendar’s eyes look black in bright light, but glow reddish-purple in the dark - his vision ranges from ultravision thru infravision, giving him the entire spectrum. A third eye lid, dark but translucent, acts as a light filter, blocking out bright flashes, flares, glare, and nullifying the inherent Drow blindness in daylight. The scales give him natural armor, equivalent to metal half-plate armor, where they cover him. Ukzhahendar’s teeth are sharp and pointed, capable of rending flesh, giving him a bite-attack at close range. He has all the Drow inherent abilities and magic immunities, as well as many powers from his demonic heritage (listing, see below). Ukzhahendar usually wears little more than a breechcloth and belt, with spell-pouches and weapons hanging from it. Among Drow, he is viewed as a child - among demons, as a whelp. He stands almost five feet tall; weighing roughly 87 lbs., with a dual wingspan of 15 feet, tip to tip, and his tail is roughly three feet long. Ukzhahendar imagines he can fend for himself.


Ukzhahendar’s heartstone is an unusual gemstone, tear-drop in shape, colored a deep, midnight blue-black with an inner opalescent fire, covered in natural facets. Its translucence is unmarred, its hardness is unrivaled. Warm to the touch, the stone seems to pulse rhythmically, radiating a magical aura that can not be dispelled. Measuring roughly 3" long x 2" at its widest point, it is currently housed within a magical silver cage, hanging from an enchanted chain around Matron-mother Nial’volos of House Vlos’orbb’s neck. Any who look into the gem long enough catch glimpses of dark, winged forms flitting about within its facets. Anything that might threaten his heartstone, Ukzhahendar is immediately aware of- and likely to respond to, violently. This includes attacks against his Matron-mother, so long as she wears it. Spells cast DIRECTLY on the gem are more likely to affect him, despite his increased magical immunities, if the spells get through the magical silver cage and the chain’s enchantments.

House Vlos’orbb was originally a powerful merchant Household; one that held many trade routes to the surface, successfully bringing valuable goods and materials into the city on a regular basis. It was a Household devoid of sons, in a city where a broad pantheon of deities were openly worshiped. Although fertile - having brought 38 daughters into the world - the Matron Mother knew her hopes of entering the city’s nobility depended on birthing at least one live son. Unable to conceive a male child by her three chosen Patrons, she looked to the demons she periodically bedded to grant her a son. She found Pazuzu, demon Prince of the Air and Babylonian God of the Wind, and summoned him to her bed during the week long High Harvest Celebration. By all accounts, Pazuzu was a willing participant, who also heard her desire to rise in power within her city. Months later, the Matron Mother birthed what appeared to be a large, oval stone, roughly the size of a newborn Drow infant. The Patron who was House Wizard took the stone, kept it warm - and three days later, it began wobbling. Presenting the "stone" - an egg! - to the Matron Mother, the Patron watched as it hatched in her arms. Her first words upon seeing the child that slipped out of the eggshell - "Uk zhah endar, veldrin phor!" - became his name. The odd gemstone clutched in the infant’s hands became her constant adornment.

Pazuzu also lived up to his other promise - an air elemental assigned to watch over his son was also sent to aid House Vlos’orbb’s rise to power among the nobility of the city. It did this by drifting through rival Houses, spying out their weaknesses, uncovering their dangerous secrets, and sometimes assassinating key members. In return, the Matron Mother built a temple to Pazuzu within the city’s religious district, raising him in the pantheon. As worship of Pazuzu grew and word of the child’s demonic heritage spread, so too did the power of House Vlos’orbb.

So, too, did the jealousy and resentment of Ukzhahendar’s many sisters. Discovering his immunity to poisons - after several failed attempts at killing him - a group of his sisters united in a doomed coup against their Matron-mother. In the aftermath of this, several surviving sisters left the Household, preferring to flee to other cities and begin anew there - rather than face the wrath of Matron Nial’volos. The Matron allowed them to escape, turning her attentions to defending her Household against outside rivalries.

Ukzhahendar learned early on that there are many things worse than death. Sealed in a chamber in full view within the Household is the constantly tortured sister who led the failed coup. Unable to die - her soul is bound to her twisted, agonized body - she suffers torments beyond imagining, in body, mind, and soul. Quite insane, she nonetheless is still aware of her position, still sensate. Displayed as an object lesson to the rest of the Household, her fate has convinced her younger sisters against future rebellion. They have turned their energies toward the benefit of the Household. Ukzhahendar sees her fate as a lesson against failure - and against getting caught.

When his scales were seen to turn aside the lash of the whip, Ukzhahendar’s mother sought another method of controlling him. So it was that he first felt the horrific agonies of a "spirit wrack", the magic cast through his heartstone striking him down, leaving him writhing despite his greater resistance. He has learned not to anger her, lest he be left to suffer. Since then, a small collection of spells has been found effective as means of punishment - the intensity of suffering dependant on the level of transgression. They are held most secret, and are only effective when cast directly through Ukzhahendar’s heartstone - when it is outside of the magical silver cage and enchanted chain.

Teaching himself to fly, Ukzhahendar discovered that his constant companion - the air elemental Pazuzu assigned to watch over him - would often obey his commands. It also would regale him with tales of open skies, unlimited space to spread out and fly, the sights revealed by sunlight, and tales of things it had seen and done. A deep, aching longing awoke in Ukzhahendar, one that won’t fade until he has gained the freedom of the skies. Denied permission to even leave the Household’s grounds, Ukzhahendar dares his mother’s wrath every time he slips away. He knows that by Drow standards he is too young a child to be allowed out of the protection of their walls and wards; and he guesses that to the nearly immortal demon that is his father, he is still a hatchling. But he has seen what he can do. He has discovered his latent abilities, unleashing them against monsters encountered in the caverns during his illicit adventures, practicing and mastering them against the day when he will use them to regain his heartstone and escape.

Thus far, Ukzhahendar’s studies have been guided by his three (step) Patrons: the House Weaponsmaster, House Wizard, and House Assassin. Through them, he has learned every Drow-known weapon, fighting style, tactic, spell, poison, trap, and skills of stealth. He has also heard tales of their merchant runs, when they have traveled through the Underdark to other cities, other races, and even to the surface world. Ukzhahendar soaks everything up like a sponge, retaining knowledge that could aide him in his bid for freedom. For four decades he has been mastering everything they could teach him. In addition, he has had the Household slaves - many from the surface world - to learn from, and practice on. Once he is old enough, Ukzhahendar will be sent to one of the Academies to begin his formal training - with advantages few Drow could begin to imagine. IF he doesn’t escape before then.

Preferred weapons:

Claws and talons, magic hand crossbow, poisoned/drugged thrown darts, magic twin two-bladed swords, magic thrown net(w/barbed hooks and a capture line), spell-like abilities, spells, traps, tail spike, teeth.

Items generally carried:

Wears a breechcloth and circlet, carries spell-component pouches, a belt pouch, and weapons. Weapons hidden by wings. Carries various things in belt pouch. Magic rings, potions, snacks.

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