Character Details - Danu Ferguson

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Physical Description:

*Race: Human
*Age: 32
Apparent Age (if different):
*Height: 5'
*Build/Weight: Petite; 110
*Hair: Mahogeny
*Eyes: Blue-Grey
Complexion: Fair
*Identifying Marks (if present): None
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:

Background Information:

*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

*Personality: Quiet, yet isn't afraid to speak her mind; extremely stubborn. Speaks with a Scottish burr
*Occupation: None
*Skills and Abilities: None
*Weapons Used: None

*Name: Danu Ferguson
Meaning of Name Danu: The mother of the Irish gods and the goddess of death.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Danu Ferguson