Character Details - Valezka Sokol

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Valezka SokolName: Valezka Sokol (pron. vah-LAY-ska)
Meaning: Glorious Ruler of the Falcon
Nicknames: Valya
Race: Kelendral
Rank: Warrior Mage
Apparent Age: Mid thirties
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pale Green
Complexion: Porcelain fair, and photosensitive.
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Slender but athletic
Identifying Marks:
Clothing: Like most Kelendrals, Valezka generally wears black clothing made out of durable material that has been UV protected.

Marital Status: Single
Bonds: None
Children: None

Abilities: An earth elementalist, Valezka's particular talent lies with the more destructive side of the magic. She can trigger earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, being able to find the fault-line in even the most seemingly stable of geological systems.

Weapons Used: Sword with 'teeth' down one edge.

Personality: Valezka has a cool intelligence combined with a streak of arrogance a mile wide. The Kelendral society generally is that of warriors and mages with the mind set of ‘might makes right’. They view themselves as higher than all other races with non-Kelendral generally nothing more than food, these normally being Humans. Their thought on this is that Humans will die anyway and what they are doing is population control. She can, however, be charming when she chooses to be - she doesn't always choose to be.

Other Information: Like all Kelendrals, Valezka has a metabolic disorder that contains a malfunction in her body’s synthesis resulting in the lack of heme. The lack of heme results in a lack of oxygen in the blood and also a lack of iron. As a result, the race must ingest blood - generally from humans, elves or other bipedal races as they are the richest source of heme - at least once a day. While they can live by simply drinking blood either by glass or vein they do prefer taking it from organs that contain the most blood – the liver, the spleen and the heart.

Little Known Facts:

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