Character Details - Dragonlily

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Name: Dragonlily

Race: Werewolf

Age: unknown

Apparent Age : 25

Height: 5'2

Physical Description:Dragonlily has many scars along her arms and her back from a life filled with nothing but violence and chaos. Her features are rather exotic though Dragonlily herself has no recolection of her ancestors or family.. Her hair is black and long, often worn down around her shoulders. Dragonlily's lips are almost the centerpiece of her face, beestung, they seem to give her a devious look that often merits a second glance. As for height, Dragonlyl is rather petite forcing many to caste her as harmless at first. She is always more than willing to prove them wrong.

Build/Weight: Dragonlily has a very curvy figure, that is kept tone

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Complexion: Olive tone/Tan

Identifying Marks (if present):There is a large dragaon tatoo on her back and two red dragaon tatoo's on both shoulders

Clothing: Dragonlily often dresses in a cloak, hiding her garments beneath and shielding her small form from the elements

Personal Items usually carried: A silver pendant

Personal Information:
Occupation: Mercenary
Skills and Abilities:

Combat-due to Dragonlily's size and strength she is unable to weild a long sword or anything equally as heavy, but she is very skilled in the use of half words and daggers. Close range battles are her specialty and her speed makes it all quite possible

Lycanthropy-All Dragonlily's life she's dealt with the fact that she is indeed a werewolf. Without any guidance from pack or family members she's taught herself how to deal with the beast within. Though there are times when Dragonlily is unable to fight back the change, such as sudden bouts of rage or an equal emotion, and the full moon. Even though Dragonlily is constantly fighting back her beast, there are times when she willingly allows the change to take over.

Weapons Used: Two half swords

Background Information:
A once slave to a wealthy lord who wanted to punish her after she killed his only son, Dragonlily has become a mercenary for hire, willing to do almost any job for the right price. Her petite stature (barely 5'2)makes it so that she is often forced to show just how deadly or skilled she really is, unfortunatly this often leads to trouble. Dragonlily's demeanor, though stoic, only hides a truly damaged woman beneath it.
Marital Status: single
Children: none
Blood or Soul Bonds: none as of yet

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