Character Details - Zakn Thara'qualyn

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Physical Description:
*Name:  Zakn Thara'qualyn
Meaning of Name: Shadow Runecaller
*Race:  Drow
*Age: 120
Apparent Age (if different): 18(human-drow relation)
*Height: 5'7"
*Build/Weight:  Slender build, weight: 140
*Hair: Silver
*Eyes: Amber in normal, Red in heat-viewing spectrum.
Complexion: Fair onyx black skin.
*Identifying Marks (if present):  Divine runes, a punishment from Lloth.
Clothing:  Expensive robes, hooded piwafwi with numerous internal pockets, Drow-crafted boots
Personal Items usually carried:  Spellbooks, Spell components, pair of daggers/Athame, and a staff.  Deepbat familiar.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Zakn is much like the typical Drow.  He is sadistic, and he is beautiful.  He is also very much the haughty noble, even though he is a male.  He is confident in his own abilities, and rather quick to jump on defense of himself.  He is slow to trust, and never fully trusts another.  Again, Drow at it's best.  He hides his features under his hood, and the long sleeves of his robes.  Zakn is self-concious about the markings that adorn a large portion of his body, but he also keeps himself as though those markings are yet another sign of his nobility.  He keeps his head raised, and normally looks down at what is perceived as a lesser race.  His internal workings, however, are not the common Drow's.
*Occupation:  Wizard
*Skills and Abilities:  Magic
*Weapons Used:  Daggers, staves

Background Information:
*History:  Zakn was a young upstart wizard in a family largely ruled by, you guessed it, the priestesses.  His elder sister thought it would be fun to mark the male with divine runes from the Spider Queen.  Although he was from a prominent house, and excelled at his training in Sorcere, he was looked down upon by his family.  He rose to the position of House Wizard, despite the ridicule and the hardship given him by his siblings and his mother. After years as the House Wizard and the whipping boy for the mistakes of any of the females, he fled Menzoberanzan.  He walked the Underdark for years, and is still in search of a place he can go to escape the tyranny of the femmes of his race.  Not so much an insurgent, he is more the sort to just avoid the conflicts.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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