Character Details - Gwydion

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Physical Description:

Race: Brythonic, of the Belatucadros people of the planet Cymbeline. The Brythonic people go back originally to the Cambrian race on Terra so have some links with the Hyspanya although their belief system is quite opposite.


Age: Indefinite; appears as a good-looking 30-something. Because he is a shaman he is able to adjust his body metabolism so that it does not age normally. The earth, air, water and the sun of Cymbeline all assist in this process.

Height: 6’

Build/Weight: 160lbs, well muscled, very strong

Hair: brown to dark blonde when he’s been in the sun a lot

Eyes: Green – very quick and piercing

Complexion:  Fair-olive

Identifying Marks: Spiral tattoos on his cheeks, not always visible. He acquired these as part of his initiation rituals to becoming Enchanter of Prydein.

Clothing: Anything that will blend into his surroundings, so often flashy and expensive as he’s a very rich nightclub owner. But he prefers the simple hunting garb of his native people.

Personal Items: Staff of ash wood. Ash is Gwydion’s totem tree. He also enjoys wearing hand-crafted native jewelry and looks very good in it.

Personal Information

Personality: Trickster; shaman-magician; wise and foolish; can become emotionally involved to his own detriment.

Occupation:  Owner of The Flying Eagle nightclub in Altair City.

Skills and Abilities: Shapeshifter par excellence; also able to contrive bodies for immigrant spirits and other gods. In his youth he trained with Morningstar on Yardoz.

Background Information

History: Gwydion is one of the Children of Don and a nephew of Math ap Mathonwy, Lord of Gwynedd, a country to the NW of the continent of Europa. He was born to Don and Beli, Don was the high priestess of their people. Both were killed in the initial battles when the Belatucadros realised the Hyspanya were not trading but taking them over.

Marital Status:  Unmarried, but is in love with Grymalkyn. He knows she is committed to Fionn and that his love is hopeless but he would do anything for her. He has a great fondness for his sister, Arianrhod, and his son, Llew’s wife Blodeuwedd.

Children:  He had a child with his sister, Arianrhod, the boy called Llew Law Gyffes (the fair-haired one with the skilful hand). Llew is a very special child with superhuman abilities but less than human knowing and wisdom. Gwydion incubated Llew in his “chest” (pun on both heart and wooden chest at the end of his bed) and brought him to manhood with the trickster aid of Arianrhod. Gwydion then made Llew a bride by making a body for the spirit of the Queen of the Night, Blodeuwedd, out of nine flowers. He then fell in love with her himself.

Blood or Soul Bonds:  to his planet, Cymbeline. Also to the laws of the Fferyllt; to Morningstar, Fionn and especially Grymalkyn; and his family, Arianrhod; Llew and Blodeuwedd.

His parents names are those of the mother and father gods of Cymbeline, way back before time was born. He’s sort of immortal but nobody’s fully  tested this out yet although Thea has had a couple of goes. He won both times *g*.

Weapons Used: Manipulation – but it can backfire on him; illusion; trickery. Also good with a sword and a bow. He is sometimes seen as a consummate politician but with an absolutely Persil conscience *g* … yes, really !!!

Gwydion is really the Enchanter of Prydein. This is the title of the ruler of his country. He succeeded to this by passing all the initiation tests – some of which require apparent death and rebirth. This is always how their leaders are selected, a form of self-selection really. Those who go into the tests come out of them dead, mad or enlightened.

Prydein is the region/country on Cymbeline where he lives and was born. It’s on the SW portion of the northern continent the Hyspanya call Europa. He was ousted by Thea Archangel when she became the Hyspanya governor of Cymbeline. At first he fought against her openly but after two doses of prison and the threat of mind-wipe he settled down to running a very glossy and expensive night-club in the Hyspanya capital of Altair City. This is a front for his freedom-fighter rebellion activities.


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