Character Details - Fionn

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Fionn in Archenland


Race: Whèr-Brythonic

Age:     Indefinite. He was brought to birth at Kyre Myrddyn on Terra in the late 5th century AD, however that doesn’t mean much with regard to how he ages. As an immortal he attains a physical maturity with which he is comfortable and stays there. For Fionn, this is a good-looking 40-something

Height: 5’10”-ish

Build/Weight: Lithe, wiry, a well muscled 140lbs

Hair: Black, straight, fine

Eyes: Green-aquamarine

Complexion: Olive

Identifying Marks: A red dragon-shaped fleck in his left eye

Clothing: Anything that will blend into his surroundings, enjoys wearing black

Personal Items: Nothing, anything

Personality:  Dark, smoky, occult. He can appear very charming, can be the life and soul of the party, court jester. Or dark and frightening. Or invisible. What you see (if you see anything at all) is rarely what you get … unless you are Grymalkyn, to her he is always true and open.

Inside he is deep. He considers all his actions with the concern which any immortal must have  - after all, he’ll be there to pick up the pieces! Like all true wyze-ards, he acts as little as possible knowing that the alchemist, Newton, was absolutely right when he said “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Fionn grins sourly at this and mutters, ‘the Easterns call it karma!’.

Occupation: Wyze-ard

Skills and Abilities:  Shapeshifter par excellence; also able to contrive bodies for immigrant spirits and other gods

Weapons Used: Magic and his personality. He can flick his fingers and change how people are thinking, make them forget, make them say things they hadn’t thought of, sometimes at opposition with how they would normally think.

He is a knowing one, a cunning one, and understands that how he appears to others will affect how they respond, or react, to him. As a shifter, he will change his personality as well as his outward appearance to suit the situation and his own desires, the needs of the job he is on.

Parents: He is the son of Myrddyn Emrys – Lord of the Sea Light, the immortal wyze-ard and king-maker, and his lady Vivien. NB – Emrys means ‘immortal’ and also ‘light’.

Marital Status: Unmarried, but is in love with Grymalkyn who he met at The School (for assassins) on Yardoz.

Children: He has a son, Luc, got on Grymalkyn when they were working together some years ago. He knows of Luc but has never met him as Grymalkyn was captured by their enemies and held unconscious during her pregnancy. When Luc was born he was taken from her and she was memory-wiped and sent out to find her own way back to Yardoz.

Blood or Soul Bonds:  To Grymalkyn.

He is also bonded to all life which he has sworn to respect and which he hopes to enable all others to respect as well.

He has spent long years at work on himself in the dark tower at the centre of the enchanted forest where he waits, hopes, for Grymalkyn to return to him so that they may create the tower of stars under the lake and do their work much more deeply and effectively from there.

Fionn – Means fair-headed, or “white”. In old Gaelic legend it was the name of a hero who was incredibly strong, extremely brave, handsome, generous and wise. He acquired his wisdom from eating "Salmon of Knowledge" and sucking his thumb.

When Grymalkyn first met Fionn (on Yardoz) he was out fishing, he caught a salmon and they cooked it together over a fire on the riverbank. To test if it was ready, Myrddyn tried it with his fingers and burnt them, he stuck his thumb in his mouth to cool it and the legend came to life. He found he could see, and be, anything and everything, understand all life. It was his moment of transformation.

Grymalkyn saw it, realised and fell in love with him on the instant, and he with her. She told him the story of the salmon of wisdom.




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