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Elyn in Dance Gear

Elyn in Dance Gear ... at the Bachannalia Ball


Elyn is clan leader to her tribe, the Eryri, who live at Kyre Sinadoun. Called Elyn Llydogg which means "Elyn of the  Hosts", signifying her clan leadership. She is a battle leader and bringer together of the peoples, a queen in its oldest sense. She is also the representative (priestess) of the goddess in her land.

Race:   Whèr, of Loegr: a shifter race which can assume many forms, and speak with animals, plants and the planet herself. Elyn prefers a basic bipedal form with retractable claw-nails and vertical-slit pupils for good night vision.

Age:   Uncertain - Looks like a human woman of about 30-35

Height:  5’10”

Build: Slim, dancer/runner body, well muscled, UK size 12

Hair: black

Eyes: Green-gold

Complexion:    dark mahogony

Identifying Marks : A snake-like mark on her left arm which looks like a tattoo but is, in fact, a birth mark.

Clothing:   reds, blues and greens in leather and natural fabric made from nettle-like native plants. She loves jewellery but is sparing in wearing it and has usually made it herself.

Personal Items usually carried:   A twisted, snake-like silver ring which she wears on the 3rd finger of her left hand.


Personal Information:

Occupation:   “Queen”, ruler of her tribe and a senior member of the planetary council.

Skills and Abilities:   Like all Whèr she is intimately connected to the energy/ley lines of her planet; can speak with all other life-forms of Loegr; is telepathic; and a good and respectful hunter.

Weapons Used:   Twisted staff, dagger, sword and projected energy

Personality:   strong, direct but well able to hide things as she deems necessary. She feels the responsibility of her rulership very strongly. She has fears/qualms for her younger brother, Emrys, who is a natural seer and suffers the madness of this calling at times. He is in training for his work but that doesn’t mean he’s safe, in fact he’s almost in greater danger because of it.


Background Information:

History:   Grown up as potential clan-leader. Her father, Eudaf, was the previous leader but one although the position is not hereditary but elective. She had a reasonable childhood, was naughty and punished for it but never felt threatened or unloved. It has made her a strong person, able to carry the load of leadership, but she has little personal life and had no lovers – until she met the alien (Hyspanya) Macsen.

Marital Status:   now soul-mate with Macsen

Children:   None, unles you count the "foundling" Grymalkyn as her foster-daughter and that is quite enough for Elyn! She has “mothered” her brother and other youngsters in the clan and so feels she’s “been there, done that, etc”.

Blood or Soul Bonds:    To her clan and her planet, Grymalkyn and Macsen.


 Things to Note:  there are no "compassion" or "rescue" genes in the Whèr as there seem to be in humans, the Whèr care in a very different way which can seem cold to humans. They often don't comprehend the human need for "tact" and tend to despise that need; nor do they understand "personal space" in the way humans do because of their complete integration with life. Those who have been or work off planet have learned to dissemble in order not to frighten and upset humans. Elyn's lip tends to curl at the thought ...



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