Character Details - Macsen Hooledik

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Macsen HooledikMacsen Hooledik

Height: 5'8"

Build/Weight:  140lbs, stocky but slim and well proportioned

Hair: Black, fine and straight

Eyes: hazel

Complexion: olive-skinned, tans easily and quickly becoming a deep mahogany colour

Profession: Hyspanya Space Corps - planet-finder. Later he became Elyn's spouse on Loegr, taking on the role of Guardian.

Weapons: akido and fencing as well as the usual space-weaponary arsenal

Meaning of Name: Macsen means "great one"; Hooledik is the tribe name of his mother and means "of the land"

Special Features: slightly twisted nose which got broken in a fight at school when he was 11; long, strong fingers with a wide spread (octave+3); runners body.

Macsen is attractive but not beautiful. Quick, adept in everything, highly intelligent, always thinks "out-of-the-box". Yearning for real meaning in his life and finds it with Elyn.


Brief life-history:

Macsen Hooledik is half-Keltia, his mother was the daughter of a Kelti domain leader, his father an ambassador from mainland Hyspanya, from the city of Puebla below the ancient volcano of Popocatepetl.

Macsen’s father, Mario Delbini, fell in love with Arianna of the Hooledik Domain in SW Spain when he was there on a trade mission. Arianna agreed to go to Puebla when he left – not promising to stay forever, necessarily – so Macsen was born in Puebla. In fact Arianna stayed for five years then returned to Hooledik taking Macsen with her. Mario visited regularly each year. He was very drawn to Arianna’s people, torn, wanting to stay but unsure of himself out of his own space. Macsen visited his father in Puebla every year as well.

As he grew up Macsen found himself torn. The Hyspanya technology fascinated him but their lifestyle, completely homogenised and out of touch with everything not human, frightened him as a child. Later, it appalled him. But his fascination with the technology remained. He left Hooledik and joined the Space Corps.

At first his tutors believed him a natural for ship’s captain because of his innate ability to communicate with all life on an empathic level, but Macsen abhorred the idea of being wedded to a machine. On his first flight as a junior lieutenant he caused a stir by knowing which planet would be habitable by the Hyspanya while they were still several days away from the system. He had only the hollotank to go on … and his own instincts. It happened again on his second trip, and on his third. This really caught the attention of the policy council and they requested he always be on colonisation survey missions.

Macsen settled into his space career. He would go back to Hooledik to visit his mother and friends there when he was on leave but he lived in a penthouse apartment overlooking the central park in Puebla. Alone. None of the Hyspanya women had ever been able to interest him beyond flirtation and brief affairs. The women of his mother’s domain did interest him but none were willing to leave it to live with him in the Hyspanya city. Especially as he was away for many months, sometimes years, at a time. So Macsen settled into an easy bachelor lifestyle, his most stable affair being with his 2IC, Raol, with whom he had a comfortable and undemanding homosexual relationship.

Then Macsen landed on Loegr. Met Elyn. The chemistry was instant. He was strongly attracted to her, respected her and, at the same time, was afraid of her. She was a warrior and he knew it in his bones without understanding what that knowing was.

The Keltia women were hunters and knew how to fight but the fact, the existence, of the Hyspanya caused them not to war amongst each other. They would join together in spirit, emotionally and (when rarely necessary) physically against the “outside enemy”, the Hyspanya, who would otherwise swallow them up and spit them out changed, homogenised. Although the Whèr are a peaceful people and have not warred with anyone for millennia Macsen can feel and sense the raw power in Elyn and her people. Very different from the Keltia.

Then he realises what it means that Elyn is not human. It’s not just the retractable claws, vertical-slit eyes, potential fangs. He asks Elyn about her people and learns they are shapeshifters. There are tales of shifters among his mother’s people but he’s never actually known one before …


NB – Macsen is a “stranger” amongst the Hyspanya. He has no mother amongst them and so is “landless”. His grandmother’s clan, Mario’s mother’s people, grant him kinship. Arianna lived with them while she lived with Mario but never joined them and was often out of the family manse, living and travelling with Mario. And Macsen has chosen to take the family name of his natural mother’s people, Hooledik, rather than his father’s mother’s folk. This sets him apart.

Macsen likes this. He does not feel himself to be an Hyspanya, nor does he feel himself a Keltia. He really is a fish out of water, a “stranger in a strange land”.

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