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Race:  Whèr: a shifter race which can assume many forms, from the planet Loegr (see Mythos)

Age:  144-ish
Apparent Age (if different):   Any age she finds appropriate for her situation

Height:   As a human, 5’4”; otherwise depends on the form she’s in

Build/Weight:   Slight, UK size 10. Grym has a the boyish athlete's figure of a dancer, not luscious curves. Her breasts (size 34A) are like curved wine-cups and her buttocks just a slight curve between her back and thighs. Her body is like whipcord. You can't quite count her ribs when she has no clothes on but it's working that way, there's not an ounce of spare flesh on her. Every part of her is hard-muscled (long dancer's muscle, not pumped) as she does a couple of hours class (dance & akido style) every day. She is very strong and surprises the unwary of the larger races who see her as almost a child. She has long slender fingers with a very wide spread and is able to strangle well. She's also double-jointed, doing the splits, for instance, she has a full 180 degree spread and is also able to easily rest the whole of either the front or the back of her body flat on the floor from that position without moving her legs at all. In class, doing the floor exercises, she looks as if she has no bones at all.

Hair:   Naturally, it’s copper-gold

Eyes:     Green – or gold in non-human forms.

NB – The eyes of the Whèr are very distinctive; they have vertical-slit pupils like cats giving excellent night-vision. There is also a transparent inner lid which can come down over the eyes, either on call or in times of emotional distress.

Complexion:   Copper-brown in her human form

Identifying Marks (if present):     None. She tries not to have any marks that might cause her to be identified if she disguises herself as part of her job.

Clothing:   Non-descript, usually, anything that will blend into her surroundings

Marital Status:   Grym is betrothed to Fionn (like marriage, promised for life) but she rarely sees her partner who is in the same trade as herself; when they do get together it’s something else.

Blood or Soul Bonds:    To her Totem/soul group and her partner, Fionn (aka Myrddyn Emrys). But she knows she’s kin to all that lives … which can make her job very hard, and her very schizoid.

Children:   None – when the hell is she ever going to look after them? And, after her own cub-hood she knows she wouldn’t do that to kids. Abandonment isn’t a good start in life … or is it? Grym’s work doesn’t make having a family very practical. If ever she did she would return to Loegr and ask the planet if there was room for her to have a family, and where, and when. She would want Fionn to be the father.

And, actually, he is. They have a child but so far Grym has not met him. He was born while she was incarcerated on Cymbeline. She may be soon to meet him after the Hunting of the White Stag.

Grym into LeopardGrym as a Cat: Grym’s preferred form to shift into is a spotted, leopard-like cat. She also goes into small tabby, like a Scottish wildcat.

When in cat-form her fur is silky, longish-haired kitty-variety, a bit like a Maine Coone around the ruff and she has the "W" in the markings on her forehead. She has guard-hairs as well as silky under fur. Her teeth change to fangs – as in the picture – and her claws will extend, although they do this anyway when she’s aroused.

Her physical body changes too so that it feels different if you touch her. The whole thing becomes looser, as a cat’s body is, with incredible stretch and flexibility. And she is very strong as well as fast when she runs in cat-form.

Sometimes, when making love, her body shifts. It’s not usually a complete change but she becomes half-cat, half-humanoid and her fur appears. Again this can be on specific areas like her thighs and back, sometimes stomach. Her tail may grow.

Her eyes are always the same though, whatever shape she is in.


Personal Items usually carried:    Staff – ash wood twisted with honeysuckle, adorned with (if she lets you see) raven and crow feet, cat skull, wolf paw, owl feathers, hawk bells, a gold finger-ring in the form of a moebius strip which her partner gave her at their betrothal, a silver ring set with turquoise and a child’s silver arm-ring with the totem symbol (leopard) of her clan.

She carries a pack which holds her clothes, water/wine, food, sleep-kit, and thermal covering. She also carries a Crane Bag which holds the magical talismans she’s collected and been given over the years. Some of these can be foci for her power.

Grymalkyn is right handed, but can be ambidextrous. Her voice is mid-range and warmly throaty; she can also project into the sub-sonic. She swears quite a bit, common words are shit and damn,  often muttered under her breath depending on the company and/or what effect she wishes to create.  

Personal Information:
Personality:   Grymalkyn is a wanderer  of the Warrior class. She has no base except her home planet, Loegr. She keeps her true personality hidden, and will assume roles to suit her purpose. She’s also naturally paranoid because of events in her cub-hood  and her chosen occupation. She’s a loner and a manipulator, flirting is one of her tactics, but she also has a heart. Because of her job this can make life very awkward for her when she tries to “have a life” as well. She has, perforce, to be paranoid because people usually are after her, often because she is after them.

She has, for some time now, had a strange blip in her psyche which results in sudden involuntary relocation and memory loss; she can be on one planet, one minute and another, light years away, the next with no idea how she got there.

Occupation, Skills and Abilities:   She is an assassin and a spy of the mercenary variety, usually working for other people/planets/governments/companies to get information, or to settle scores. She’s very good at it and so usually is able to pick and choose her jobs to fit with her own mores. Most of her hits are part of an attempt to stop empire-building hierarchies from getting too much of the upper hand. Part of her skill is using sex for her own ends or those of her job.

She is also a healer; communicates easily with animals and plants; can very quickly learn other languages; teleportation; seer (she doesn’t enjoy this); trickster.

Weapons Used:   She directs energy; however, Newton’s law “every action has an equal and opposite reaction” is her watchword! As a Whèr she is naturally able to link with planetary energies and Grym can do this on any planet, which enhances her usefulness as an assassin. She can use this energy to heal, or to kill. When she puts an energy thread onto someone or something it’s, first off, a sensing and tracking “device” however, if she was attacked she would send a pulse of energy along it which could shock, disable or kill the recipient, depending on the force she applied. Or heal them if they were sick.

Alternate Picture - Grymalkyn undercover, working in a brothel on Tigris 4

Grym as a tart

Qualities her character may use in a story …

  • Use of  the 'flehman response': the attached is from a report in the Hyspanya records.
  • Grym is a shapeshifter. Her abilities are a natural feature of her race, her training was in how to hone them rather than how to do them in the first place. She can shift into any form, even if she’s not met it before, through the Threads. She can latch onto another being’s consciousness thread and so become it, or allow it to inhabit her. Unless her life is threatened, or the being is a target/job she  never does this without getting the other being’s agreement to the shift first. She can do this at the speed of light so she don’t need to go into trance or spend minutes working up to it.
  • She can use the Threads to make contact with other beings to any level from a brief touch, saying hi, noting they’re there, to deep contact and exchange or downloading of knowledge, information and/or wisdom. She has used this ability with ”machines” in the past, in that everything has “anima”. 
  • She is an excellent killer. Normally she will kill using the Threads, so she can kill at a long distance. She is well up to tai chi style unarmed combat – again using the chi/threads in this, so she may well not need to actually touch to harm/kill. She can shoot, arrows, guns, any projectile. She doesn’t use swords much although Fionn trained her to do so, she finds they get in the way *g*.
  • She’s also a good spy, information getter, and will use any means to do this, including sex.
  • She doesn’t like heights – a push-me-pull-you thing as she loves the view and the sensation but gets vertigo and wants to jump off just to feel freefall. She finds looking out of the windows of space stations and craft can bring this on too. A longing for the void.
  • She cares deeply about the quality of life for all lifeforms, even if they apparently seem hostile to her or her friends. 
  •  She can be a bad “team player” as she’s so used to working on her own, and many of the humans she’s met have been quite uncaring about other life than themselves. She’s had good experience with elves.

 Grym in dance gear



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