Character Details - Ida

Written by SerikCreated : 13-Mar-2007 4:08:19 am
Last Edited : 13-Mar-2007 4:10:45 am

Professional Name: Madam Ida

Full Name: Emmalida (Ida) Fortis

Nickname: Billy

Race: Human

Occupation: Used to be the king of Gerri's favorite concubine, but after the discovery of an eye for diamonds, she was hired into the diamond business.

Personality: Shy, not very talkative, has few friends and doesn't really care for making more. Trusts no one. Not as sexual as thought to be. Seems to be a simple girl.

Hair color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue

Complexion: dark, tanned

Build: Sensual and attractive, has the perfect body for a concubine.

Height: 5"4

Children: None that anyone knows of

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