Character Details - Auroran

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Name:                         Auroran

Home Planet:             South Star Tavoli

Species:          Auroran is a rare combination of human and "leta", a reptilian species that inhabits South Star.

Appearance:   Auroran holds within him a morphic struggle. His mother was leta and his father human, such a combination had been physically impossible until scientific interference.

Due to his strange genes, Auroran's appearance varies between his leta appearance and his human appearance, at times he could manage to stay almost entirely one of his appearances, but this requires great concentration on his behalf.

            When in emotional turmoil, Auroran shifts and changes constantly in different parts of his body together. The sight is somewhat revolting, as green scales appear and disappear along his body; his features never stay the same, different parts of his face change shape, color and texture in a dizzying speed.

Usually, when calm, Auroran appears to be, more or less, half human and half leta. This depends, of course, if he is in the company of other humans or other letas.

Eye Color: Changes from brown to yellow

Hair color: Letas do not have any hair on their body, but when mostly human, Auroran grows brown hair on his head, this hair never manages to become too long as the moment his leta form takes hold of his scalp, the hair falls out.

Height:                        Varies between 7"7 and 5"12

Weight:           Varies

The General Appearance of a leta: Imagine a giant 10 foot lizard/snake with a somewhat human face, sharp teeth, claws and muscles that could crush anything and you've got it.

Complexion: Either dark or green


Usually, Auroran has a mostly human face, with the left side of his head of leta appearance, which means that only his right ear is a human ear while his left ear is a lizard ear and therefore unseen. Both of his eyes are human shaped, though his left pupil is the yellow pupil of a lizard. His tongue is like the tongue of a snake and the left side of his mouth is made of sharp knife-like teeth.

Occasionally, Auroran has a tail, but tries to avoid that inconvenience as much as possible. In case of a tail though, he fixed his trousers with a zipper in the back because at some point he was tired of all his pants having holes in them.


Occupation: Diamond Merchant

Personality: Auroran is a very confused man with an urge to climb on walls. He is straight to the point and usually, after the initial shock of seeing him (people usually assume that he is some kind of demon) he is a wonderful "people's person" and salesman.

He is also a pathological liar at times, meaning that he would almost never miss a chance to con someone.

When younger, he found himself emotionally hurt by people's reaction toward him, now he'd eat a fly in public just for the reactions it gets.


Pets/Familiars: Shrip is a Magilodia Vadrickit, he has a vocabulary of three hundred words and eight thousand swear-words.

Auroran bought him off a digger that found him in one of the diamond mines.

Vadrickits, in general, usually seem to be a mixture between a rat, a cow, a parrot and a Persian cat.

Magilodia Vadrickits also have the ability to fly, even though they don't have any wings. They're particularly small compared to other species of Vadrickits, (about the size of a fist if you don't count their fur).

Shrip is purple, blue, blonde and gray with beady black eyes and back cow-spots. He has two horns on his head and a bushy tail. His small orange beak is sharper than it looks and he's always hungry.

Magilodia Vadrickits are said to be magic and good luck, so far, Shrip hasn't shown any signs of either magic or good luck apart from his uncanny flying ability.

A lot of people think he's annoying because he keeps mimicking everything he hears and his favorite sound is the sound of the telephone.

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