Character Details - Beau Gaston

Written by R "Smooch"Created : 6-Mar-2007 2:56:05 pm
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Beau will have several incarnations, but in all of them he is the desendent of Sharkir.

In all, he is African-American/Native American, large for his timeframe and athletic in build. He had coffee with creme skin and deep brown eyes. His hair is curly though the length depends on the story. He carries himself with a "princely air." Like his ancestor he had a diamond stud in his nose and in fact it is the same stud passed down thru the generations as the "price to get into Heaven." (It was to be used to pay for the funereal if there was no other money but there far... has been other money.)

Also Beau raises horses. His family's wealth comes from having the finest horses in the region and they are all desended from the stallions Shakir and Erland brought from France. "Gastlands" are priced the world over for their speed and easy going manner.

These things will remain constant no matter the story line Beau is in. Other points of his person and personality will change with the story.

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