Character Details - Rohb Dessner

Written by Mira Badb CathaCreated : 4-Mar-2007 8:04:19 pm
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Name: Born Rohb Dessner, Rohb only knows himself as #561J74.  The name Rohb surfaces from time to time in his computer operated memories, however he has not been able to ascertain that 'Rohb' is himself, for certain.
Race:  Cyborg (Aerdonian, one of The Rhuin, or Lost)
Origin:  Aerdon, the Age of Men (Rohb was 'created' several milennia ago, before the Kin'oth (dragons) arrived on Aerdon.)
Age:  Appears 40ish
Build:  Stocky, heavily muscled.
Weight:  Just under 225 lbs or 102 Kilos
Height:  6 ft
Eyes:  Dark grey
Hair:  Patchy, depending on where the plugs run into his skull, but dark with a few sprigs of silver.

History:  Rohb was at one time a Tech and Demolitions expert in the Human Army.  He served under Bardien Hannigan, and was created a cyborg when his troop was caught in the cross-fire of a Human weapons and Eldredae magic battle.  The Holocaust left many soldiers fused with their equipment, including tanks, planes, firearms and other machinery. 

Personality:  Rohb has no concious personality.  Most emotions expressed are simply programs and processes running in his computerized brain.  He does experience regular and disturbing bouts of deja' vu and hears a constant 'static' out of which vague and nebulous memories will ocassionally arise.  Attempting to irritate Rohb is fruitless.  Attacking him or forcing him to defend himself is not a good idea either.

Appearance:  Rohb typcially wears military style boots, grey BDU's (Canvas military style cargo pants), a grey t-shirt (of sorts) and wears around his neck a wide, heavy metal collar that seems to spread across his left shoulder beneath the shirt.  This is in fact part of his body, and was once part of the military equipment he was operating at the time of his fusion.  Several black hoses about the diameter of a pencil run from plugs that seem to grow out of the back of his skull and run down his back.  Their purpose is a mystery to anyone but Rohb, and that knowledge is not kept in the area of conscious thought.  When his physical state is in poor condition, i.e. hungry, thirsty, hurting, etc, a metallic blue glow seems to illuminate beneath his skin on the left side of his face from temple, undre his eye to cheek and across his lower jaw.  His motions are somewhat disjointed and unsettle most ordinary Humans as every physical reaction seems delayed by a split second too long. 

Other information:  Rohb does need to eat and drink, and has all the normal body functions of a Human.  He does not feel pain as most Men do, as his 'brain' intercepts the nerve signals and translates them differently, but still uses pain to signal reaction to the cause of the pain.  It is important to not misunderstand - Pain is NOT pleasure to Rohb, in fact, it is still unpleasant but not to the extent it is incapacitating.  Pleasure, sexual or otherwise is a 'process' deemed unneccesary by Rohb's brain.  That is not to say the ability to feel pleasure is not there, it is simply negated by interception of the program.

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