Character Details - Amir Jhezan

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Name: Amir Jhezan
Race: Drow
Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Build/Weight: Elven build/150 lbs
Hair: Silver, mid-back
Eyes: Blue in both spectrums, cat-like pupils
Complexion: Ebony-skinned
Identifying Marks: Scars across her back and belly
Clothing: White tunic, tight black vest, black pants, knee high boots, black cloak, broad leather belt with the scabbards for her twin curved blades.
Personal Items usually carried: A necklace with several fangs between onyx beads

Personal Information:
Personality: Calm, reserved, quiet, kind
Occupation: Hermit, although she is actively becoming known as a ranger
Skills and Abilities: Normal drow magic, very strong, can polymorph herself into a monster if her life is threatened
Weapons Used: Two curved swords, not quite a scimitar but not a sword either.

Background Information:
History:  Amir was raised in a family of drow that lived above the Underdark, a family that based its principles upon those closest to rangers.  When she was seven, her family was slaughtered by a group of cruel humans, who left the drow for dead.  Having been the only one to survive the assault, Amir buried her family, tended her own wounds, and set off to raise herself, eventually becoming a seasoned warrior who hated evil with a passion.
At around 5'9", Amir possesses the slim but strong build characteristic of most elves.  Although she has the ebony skin and a mane of straight, silver hair down to her midback like most drow, her eyes are blue; unusual for one of her kind.  They are the same color in either spectrum, and both pupils are cat-like slits, a characteristic known only to her father's clan, and provide a mirror of her soul.  Usually, she can be found wearing a white tunic, black vest, black pants, a black cloak, knee high boots, and a broad leather belt, from which the scabbards for her two curved blades hang (they are halfway between a sword and a scimitar, and were custom made for her fighting style).  Behind her long bangs, Amir's face is calm but kind, and fairly pretty.  Mostly, this drow is quiet and reserved, but she is extremely sisterly towards children and those younger than her.  
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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