Character Details - Harlequin

Written by HarlequinCreated : 1-Mar-2007 1:01:48 am
Last Edited : 1-Mar-2007 1:02:46 am

Name: Currently refers to self as Harlequin or Harle.

Gender: Prefers female, but gender can shift to male or androgynous depending on where Harlequin is.

Age: Unknown. Appears, generally, as a 20 year old female.

Race: Calls herself 'One of the Imprisoned Immortals'. A group of theoretical magicians believe Harlequin to be one of the fabled Thirteen Immortals who were at war with the Creator during the time of Chaos/Creation, and lost. She, like most of her siblings, were imprisoned in a Void by two of the more powerful immortals, but she managed to escape. Harlequin has yet to verify such theory for anyone.

*More coming soon*

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

"Harlequin" by Garry Eyre