Character Details - Conor Urdrul

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Basic Characteristics

Height: Six feet, six inches
Hair color: Black and ending at the base of his neck
Eyes: Grey
Physical Age: I’ll have to check – older than 1,200 in most cases
Apparent Age: Between 18 and 25
Marital Status: Single

If his parents sport any grey hairs, they would be a direct result of raising Conor.

All the Urdrul sons have the wide shoulders and narrow waists of their father and Conor is no exception. He has farmed and learned warriors’ ways, giving to him the fine physique of a warrior. Conor is also a magic man like his father though he tends to do more with magic than just catalog it. And if he gets his hands on anything mechanical, he will tear it apart, put it back together and then “fix” it so it works better. Conor is mischievous though not intentionally so. He is so curious about things that he just simply has to investigate.

Conor was engaged to Astra Silverleaf for a long period of time and later was engaged to Ophelia Axewielder. Both engagements were broken off for various reasons. At most RP boards except Elemmire he is renewing his friendship with Astra.

Recently Conor was honored to be named the godfather of Drake and Willow Silverwing's youngest son, Marcus. He is also an adopted member of the Ashalla tribe of the Chayatim people on Elemmire.

The Brendari is half elven and half human. His elven nature is Elen. He has no distinguishing physical marks upon him.

Special abilities: Conor has the ability to assume cougar form as well as lynx. Both abilities were given to him by feline elves at separate points in his life. He prefers the cougar form when he allows the feline ability to work. He also carries a dragon scale with him that allows him to assume the form of a copper-colored dragon.

Specfically worn items:

A leather pouch, hung from his neck. It is decorated with Ashalla symbols and beads, and represents, perhaps even holds, the souls of Conor's fellow Ashalls hunters. It certainly holds amber.

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