Character Details - Tyro Ushabit

Written by keythseaCreated : 28-Feb-2007 1:03:42 am
Last Edited : 2-Mar-2007 1:41:33 am

Thin, lithe and full of nervous energy -- she carries herself like a hunted creature.  Grey eyes peer out from under the cowl of a worn cloak.  Dark hair is gathered back into a loose pony tail for ease of travelling, revealing telltale points of her elven heritage.  She is barely shoulder high to a human male, often times she can be confused for a pale and sickly looking human girl if her cowl covers the delicate features of her race.  Thick clothes cover her from head to toe to cover her one secret: she is a ushabit, a creation of dark magic to serve her Master.  Unlike the other ushabit, she has talents that she can barely comprehend or control -- talents that make more of a match for even a skilled human warrior.  Aided by the others similar to her, she escaped through a portal and now she finds herself wandering the spaces in between, looking for safety with only the clothes on her back and the wits in her head.  Taught only in her Master's tongue -- a language long dead -- she is isolated from the world in the extreme.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jewel Staite