Character Details - Sarahasi

Written by DwarfMaidenCreated : 30-Jan-2007 10:52:43 pm
Last Edited : 30-Jan-2007 10:53:05 pm

Sarahasi is a 1325 year old Peace Cheetah. She has long stong limbs and is a golden color with large dark brown splotches more like a King Cheetah than a standard one. Her eye color is very odd for it is a bright blue which she passes on to her offspring. She has had only two litters in her life time and one of those litters died shortly after birth. Now she is "den mother"-- teacher of the young-- and she sees the world thru "cubs eyes". She is fascinated by little things, the flick of a tail, the movement of an insect, the scent of a flower.

She loves flowers and wears them when they are in season.

She is a singled minded individual, passionate about what she believes in and she believes in the future. She seems oblivious to what is happening around her but she is focused on the the small details of the big picture.

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