Character Details - Yarin Alluam

Written by SerikCreated : 29-Jan-2007 2:40:11 am
Last Edited : 29-Jan-2007 1:38:59 pm

Name: Yarin Alluam Jr.

Race: Human – Wisher

Age: Somewhere around his early 30's, although it's very hard to tell.

Height: 5"10'

Appearance: Long wavy blond hair, reaching a bit after the shoulders, he has delicate features that seem almost feminine and are very pleasant to look at. He is always unshaven, though the hair on his face never grows longer than delicate stubble. His eyes are a dark violet color, though at first glance usually seem ordinary dark brown. He is usually found wearing black tight-fitting pants and a black silk button-up shirt, his style of dress and the way he carries his body only enhances his firm and muscular build.

Home Planet: World

Cause of Death: Brain Cancer

Past Life Career: Chef

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