Character Details - Rhyan Corinth

Written by MysticalCreated : 26-Jan-2007 6:24:38 pm
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Physical Description:

Name: Rhyan Corinth

Race: Half Ingraleisian Elf, Half Human

Age: 41 (as of BloodMoon Rising)

Apparent Age (if different): late teens

Height: 6'5"

Build/Weight: Lanky build

Hair: red

Eyes: brown

Complexion: fair/ freckled

Identifying Marks (if present): Tel'Quessir mark on shoulder

Clothing: Terran jeans, t shirts, comfortable clothing

Personal Items usually carried: Pike

Personal Information:

Personality: Usually lighthearted, more serious as of late

Occupation: Prince and member of the Ingraleisian guard

Skills and Abilities: Empath, Telepath, Telekinesis

Weapons Used: Pike, sword

Background Information:
History: Second child of Brianna Tel'Quessir and Jason Mars Corinth.  Rhyan is a quiet child, always happy and the light of his mother's life.  Recently, worry for his mother, and the growing threat on Ingraleis, as well as fear for his Aunt Anaya, have made him more quiet and serious.

Marital Status: Single

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Rupert Grint